You Watt…?

Today, we take a look at lighting, and are all very lucky…
A guest post! From my lovely hubby 🙂

Hello all!
I thought it was time I contributed to the blog-a-thon that is the Great Energy Race 2014.

Being the boy in this team it falls to me to look at gadgety gizmoey technology to help us cut our energy consumption, so here goes:

Let there be light!

An LED bulb. In case you were having trouble visualising one.

An LED bulb. In case you were having trouble visualising one.

Lighting accounts for a pretty scary 10-15% of our domestic electricity use (and therefore cost), so it is well worth looking into ways to reduce this.
Being a reltively newly built house, our house came with the requisite number of energy efficient light fittings-that kind that mean you can only use low energy bulbs and won’t take old style bulbs. I think there are two-in the hall and on the landing. We then have recessed ceiling lights in the kitchen and in the bathrooms totalling 14 in all, and two light fittings in the lounge, which currently have 6 small bulbs in them.
When we moved in, we put halogen bulbs in all of the light fittings (except the obligatory low energy fitting ones). A while ago I replaced some of the kitchen lights with the LED equivalent just because some had blown and, although they were a bit dearer, I knew they used less electricity but I never really thought about how much less. Until now….

Here’s the maths.
Let’s assume that all the halogen lights we had fitted were on at the same time (not on Mrs MDAM’s watch obviously). That would total 820 watts. Now that all these bulbs have been replaced with LED’s they now total 62 watts. Less obviously, but I think the best way to quantify anything like this is in a universal unit everyone understands….. Money.

Assuming all the lights are on for one hour a day at the standard tariff rate of our electricity supplier, Ecotricity, the cost would be as follows:

Halogen bulbs: £38.20

LED bulbs: £3.02

Put another way the halogen lamps would use 13 times more energy, 13 times more fuel than the LEDS’s, and cost 13 times as much to run.

What about the cost of the bulbs I hear you cry! Well taken from the B&Q website our LED bulbs are 8 times more expensive than their halogen equivalents, but at between 3 & 4 years down the line the LED’s will have paid for themselves in energy savings, and in that time you can be sure you would have replaced some of the halogens at extra expense also.

But as you all know it’s not always all about the money, saving resources is pretty cool too…

Thankyou lovely hubby. You are indeed lovely, as are your energy saving exploits 🙂

PS. I blogged last year about Groovebulbs
Groovebulb1-the official WWF Earth hour bulbs-we were sent a free one to try, and I can report back, that it is officially super-duper. It looks like an old-fashioned light bulb, lights up instantly, and has a panda on it. AND it comes in pretty packaging that you can upcycle. All important criteria for a lightbulb in my book.

6 thoughts on “You Watt…?

  1. I have swapped a few of our halogen spots that popped with LED models. I found mixed results with them with those with lots of little LEDs giving better light than those with just 3. I also prefer those described as “warm” as the others are a bit bluer.

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