Homemade pressies

I thought it would be good to have a page which links to all the handmade present posts, so if you’re looking for inspiration you can quickly scroll through here. I will split it into gender/age sections to make it easier.

New Baby






  • Colouring tote-this could be for a girl or a boy, depending on your fabric choice!

Evelyn bag1

Lily hair grip1


  • Beanbags and games to play with them-here is the post, and here is the link to the tutorial I did over at Shouty Cat Makes

Monster sick1





mittens etc31

lavender bags31




  • Cufflinks-these ones are made from old sixpences from the year the recipient was born, but you can use anything you like-scrabble pieces, lego bricks, vintage buttons….

    Apologies, this a RUBBISH photo. But you get the idea...

    Apologies, this a RUBBISH photo. But you get the idea…

Home stuff


magnetic memo board1


Gift wrapping and cards

  • Button Christmas trees

button card1

  • Mother’s Day flowery cards

Mother's Day1




crochet hearts2

Anniversaries and things

  • Not really a present, but this is what I made for my Brother and his wife on their 1st anniversary

Foodie gifts


Rocky Road1

Christmas biscuits-iced21


14 thoughts on “Homemade pressies

  1. hello i have been following your make do and mend blog for a while i love it i have got loads of ideas from it as we are quite a crafty family and love making things i have wrote down loads of things you have made and me and my little girl are going to make them in the school holidays well done to you and your family keep going ,

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  5. Wow! I’m really impressed. It obviously takes so much more time, thought and planning to make a home made gift. I’d be delighted and really appreciative of any of those.

    • Thanks Cara. It does take a bit more thought, but is probably also the area that has saved us the most money so far. I think we probably saved £3-400 over Christmas alone 🙂

  6. The cushion with the Lucy letters on it was fabric that was given to me when I was still at home in the 70’s. My Mum did a lot of sewing (she ran a sewing business, I used to do the pressing/ironing for her) and she ran up a quilt cover and used the trimmings to make a frill round my pillow cases! It’s a design I will always spot and love. Thanks for bringing back a happy memory!

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