A Lightbulb Moment….

Regular readers can’t fail to have noticed that we took part in the Great Energy Race last month.
As part of this, we extolled the virtues of LED lights, and discovered that if we swapped all our halogen bulbs for LEDs, then we would use 13 times less energy for our lighting. That’s pretty mind blowing.

And now, you get the chance to try them out for yourself!
The good people from LightBulbs-Direct approached me to ask if I would consider putting the following infographic on here, in exchange for some bulbs.
As it happens, we don’t have any fittings suitable for their bulbs, but they did say they would be able to send some bulbs to readers who leave a comment below, so I felt duty bound to provide you all with the opportunity for some free planet saving LED bulbs, and I am duly posting the picture 🙂 (Plus I have a weakness for an infographic-who doesn’t love an infographic?!)

Won’t Cost the Earth – An infographic by LightBulbs-Direct to promote the Benefits of LED Bulbs for ‘Big Energy Saving Week’. To view the full image click here.

So read and inwardly digest the info on the graphic (that is why it is called an infographic-clever huh?!) and leave a comment below if you want to trial some bulbs!
(Never let it be said I don’t give you anything :))


21 thoughts on “A Lightbulb Moment….

  1. Oh my goodness I never realised how wasteful my lightbulbs are, lurking there all innocent but really extremely evil. I am on admission to replace one lightbulb a month with a friendly LED one and reduce my footprint.

  2. I seem to follow My Menfolk around the house, turning light bulbs off. I’ve been contemplating the halogen route. It old be great to have a sample from Lightbulbs Direct to test htm out on Mr H, who is very fussy about ‘the light’, on account of his poor vision.

  3. I’d love to try some bulbs. Our kitchen lights are on most of the time and, as they are halogen, must use a lot of electric. All the other bulbs in our house are energy efficient so would be fantastic if they could all be. X

  4. Hi Jen, just like I am a sucker for infographic’s. We are in the process of converting our house from low energy bulbs to LEDS, the cost of them is the main factor. I suppose it was the same when low energy first came available. Now I have the issue of how to dispose of perfectly serviceable low energy bulbs. So far I’ve passed onto a young family who have recently moved, hoping they mind find useful.

  5. Really interesting statistics. I now feel very guilty for not replacing our halogen spots with LEDs when they went at the weekend. With four to replace it didn’t seem cost effective so its great to see the breakdown. I’ve vowed to use them less until we replace them properly – the under cabinet lighting uses much less power and we have good natural light at the moment!

  6. That is one fabtastic infographic! I collect infographics like a child collects marbles haha! Would love to trial these bulbs also if any left, thanks

  7. We are pretty good at switching light off, but I think I need to show this to my kids, to encourage them further. I may need to start saving to buy some new bulbs!!

    • They are pricey Katie, but we worked out during the Great Energy Race, that the savings soon add up and then make up for the initial outlay!

  8. Weird, isn’t it. I’d always thought that lighting was a low energy thing until I read recent blogs – yours being one of the best. (That’s not flattery, it’s honesty.) You are therefore, doing a great job. I had changed to low energy bulbs as I have replaced them but as yet haven’t gone big-time for LED lighting. Can I be included please?

  9. We have some LED bulbs in the kitchen and the caravan, now we must look at changing the rest. We mostly have normal fittings and homemade lampshades but in the dinning room we have an antique lamp so that might be more difficult I have not found a CFL light which fits. I would love to try a bulb to see which lights to change next. When do we get the results of the Great Energy Race, I can’t find anything on the web.

  10. I’ve never even considered changing my light bulbs before! We have energy saving ones all over the house, but I didn’t know there was a better option! We are about to buy our first house and we ideally want it to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, as well as saving some money for us! We would love to try out a bulb if possible?

  11. I know very little about LED lights but would love to see how the light level compares to the energy saving bulbs – I hate the dreadful light that they cast and how long they take to come on. I have dimmable lights in my dining room and it is a nightmare trying to find bulbs that are compatible and small – all the energy saving ones are so large and stick up above the shades (they are uplighters) and look so ugly.

  12. Older energy saving bulbs were sometimes a bit dull and not always instant. Newer ones are much better. We also have some LEDs and they are quite bright and instant. I even have LED disco lights.

  13. Thanks so much for all your comments! The Giveaway is now closed, and Kathryn from Light Bulbs Direct should be e-mailing you all today 🙂

  14. They are costly, which has put me off, but that info graphic was powerful stuff! Would love to receive a trial bulb. X

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