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Oh my goodness, soooooo many ways to ‘stay connected’ these days!

You can always leave a  comment on any of the blog posts-I promise I do read every single one, and I try my very hardest to reply to every one too!
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There is the ‘official’ My Make Do and Mend Year page
hen there is the Make Do and Mend-able group-a fabulous community of Make Do and Mend-ers! It’s a great place to share your triumphs and your challenges, your makes and your mends, and to ask for advice or help on any aspect of Making, Making Do and Mending. I can’t tell you how much I love this group!
And finally, there is the Make Do and Mend-able Pre-loved Craft Stuff Group-I set up this group to provide an easy way for people to buy/sell/swap/gift any pre-loved craft supplies-things like fabric, yarn, needles, beads, paper craft stuff etc etc.

I have a teeny tiny Pinterest addiction….
You can find me and all of my boards right here

And lastly, I am just starting to explore the world of Instagram-if you’re on there, do say hello! I’m @makedoandmendable

29 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi I’m not sure where you’re based, but if you can make it to Bath for the last Wednesday of the month during your year of making do and mending you can join us for the Big Mend at the Museum of Bath at Work, 7-9pm. We will be furiously patching, mending and darning! Hope to see you.

    • That sounds awesome! I am in Warminster so not too far away. Would love to come. Is the next one Weds 29th Aug? Do I need to bring anything?

  2. Yes! Next one isWednesday 29th August. Just bring what you want to repair and anything you think you’ll need to repair it. There are tools and materials there to fall back on (and a sewing machine) but wise to bring matching thread etc (if needed) as choice is rather limited. No charge, but suggested donation towards museum. Oh, and we usually have tempting cake. Hope to see you! 🙂

  3. Hi Jen
    What a fantastic website, I am sooooo impressed! Of course you have just opened yourself up to becoming my recycling centre but I will try and make sure it’s only stuff that will ‘come in useful’ and not old car batteries and suchlike. Or broken horses! Hope you enjoyed the Big Mend.

  4. Hi Jen.
    I mentioned yesterday Ive never done a guest post before, so Im not sure how to go about it. Also can you let me know what you kinda want me to do with it, I thought Id try and include a couple of easy recipies, oh, and Im guessing there will have to be some kind of discalimer – do you handle that or do I?

  5. Hi Jen,
    I contacted you a few days ago on twitter concerning a suggestion I made to a local community group about a “Make do and mend” campaign . I might be able to find out more tomorrow ,because the group “All pulling together”, are holding an A.G.M. On a differnt subject , I recently started a Facebook group called “Foodies (Gloucestershire).It’s basically just a group for anyone with a passion for food and anything to do with food.Would you like to join ?
    Best wishes Rick Jordan

  6. just signed up to follow your blog via email, also following you on twitter, I bought the sun today specifically to read your two page (two whole pages how ace) article. showed it a couple of colleagues, i make do and mend, have just learnt to knit and crochet and make cute phone socks check out my fb page mrsmahoomakesstuff, if you have time I reckon you are a busy mrs mum. keep up the excellent blog, I have lots on here to keep me busy for a fortnight….

  7. Hi Jen, looks like you all had a very successful Repair Cafe at the weekend. I’m particularly impressed with your line up of Volunteer Experts, which is what we are lacking so far for the Frome Restart Canteen. Do you think any of them would be interested in doing the same thing in Frome on June 27th, or is that asking too much ? Or if not, maybe you or they would know people in or nearer Frome who might be interested?
    Thanks, Muir

    • Hi Muir
      I will have a chat with Emma Croft at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust-I am wary of taking advantage of their generosity-we are trying to line them up for our next event in September!
      I am sure you have already thought of these things, but we just e-mailed a couple of local computer repair companies and got very lucky with the wonderful Richard. Our bike repairers are from the Warminster Wobble-is there anyone from the Cobble Wobble who might like to get involved? There is also a social enterprise somewhere in Frome who show people how to make their own bikes-I follow them on Twitter-I will get you their name-they might be keen?
      Would anyone from Millie Moon, or Stitches want to get involved? Are there any seamstresses advertising locally?
      There is that beads shop up Catherine Hill as well, and a brilliant Goldsmith in one of the workshops at the Black Swan.
      We found that the people with shops were less keen to get involved as they wanted to be in the shop on Saturday mornings, but your event is in the evening, so it might be easier to persuade them along. The Frome WI are quite active and might know of a seamstress?
      The guy with that lovely hardware store up Catherine Hill might know an electrician or handyman?
      Have you tried putting out a WANTED on Freecycle?
      Feel free to e-mail me, and we can exchange ideas! I can also give you my phone number to have a brainstorm over the phone.
      I feel very mean being slightly protective of our fixers, but I’m sure you understand that we are relying on their generosity for our future events, and I don’t want to swamp them with requests.

  8. Hi I’ve just found your blog and would love to read it all from the start – is there an easy way to do this without having to scroll back using the older posts button each time?
    Thanks Donna

    • Hi Donna
      So glad you have found the blog!
      You can use the calendar on the right hand side to jump back a month at a time. Hopefully that should make it a bit easier.
      There are a few posts in August 2012, and then the year started 1st September.
      Hope you enjoy!

  9. Hi there. I wondered if you would be interested in taking part in a Round The World Blog Hop featuring posts on creativity? I think you do great!! I was nominated to do a post next Monday and whoever I nominate would do one the following Monday If you are interested I can send you a link for the Blog Hop (four questions to answer etc) Thanks 🙂 Wendy

    • Hi there
      Thanks for getting in touch. I think I might already be taking part-Margot&Barbara contacted me about something similar!

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