Let there be light!

When I first started My Make Do and Mend Year, I have to confess to not really having thought the whole concept through. I just thought it would be a ‘good’ (in many different ways) thing to do, and that this whole blogging thing might be a bit of fun too. And it is proving to be a very ‘good’ (in many different ways) thing to do but I really hadn’t thought through what might happen if more people than me and the lovely hubby started to read the blog…

I can’t quite believe it, but somehow the blog has amassed over 300 followers, and recently we had a double page spread in The Sun newspaper-we really really did!

And since then I have had a couple of approaches from companies wanting to give me things to review/write about.

And this is where it all starts to get a little bit complicated….

In my head, writing a blog about Buying Nothing New kind of precludes me from being able to accept new things to tell you all how wonderful they are and that you should go out and buy them. It kind of defeats the point I think. So I have thought long and hard about any ‘associations’ the blog has with other companies and products. You may remember being invited up to London by Ecover for the launch of their Message in our Bottle campaign, and I have no problem with writing about what they are doing as a) It’s fantastic; b) They are a great company who are really pushing to try and make the world a more sustainable place; and c) I count washing up liquid and cleaning things under my ‘consumables’ rule.

So, I will get to the point….I got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from a company called Groovebulb. They make lightbulbs. But not just any old lightbulbs. These are super-duper, energy efficient, no nasty mercury, official WWF Earth Hour bulb, LED bulbs! They asked me if I would like a free Groovebulb, in return for doing a little Upcycling project on the packaging tube it came in.
I toddled off and did my homework (had a look at their website) and decided that the lovely people at Groovebulb pass the Make Do and Mend product placement test, (and that lightbulbs are indeed ‘consumable’ and hard to make, make do or mend) and happily said “Yes please” to a new lightbulb!

So now we have a lovely new super duper, energy efficient (nearly 90% efficient) bulb, that doesn’t contain all the nasty mercury like conventional low-energy bulbs and that lights up in an instant! Hurrah. AND it has a panda printed on the bulb-what more could you ask for?

And we were left with this lovely packaging to do a little bit of Upcycling with.


BUT before this turns into the mother of all posts, I will leave you all on that cliff-hanger, and you can spend the next 24hours pondering what we might have turned it into…

18 thoughts on “Let there be light!

  1. Well done for sticking to your principles and only working with companies promoting sustainable products and also for being so upfront about sponsorship/free stuff. I look forward to seeing what you have turned your tube into.

  2. What a tease! Making us wait to see what it’s been made into! Never heard of the company but very interested that you said it comes on quickly and doesn’t have to ‘warm up’. Your blog is great to read and full of lovely ideas so not surprised you’re getting lots of followers. Hope you are all ok in this less than summery weather.

  3. Didn’t you have some lamps/shades in your garage? Couldn’t you make the bottom into a lamp for your new lightbulb??

  4. I thought pen tidy. Or knitting needle/crochet hook tidy. Rain maker for the Smalls. Plant pot. Candle stick (might be a bit dangerous if it’s cardboard!). That’s it, I’ve run out of ideas.

    And I’d quite like a light bulb with a panda on it, especially if it projected it on to the wall, a bit like an eco version of the Batman signal. 🙂

  5. You’ve been fortunate to be approached by ethical producers that fall in line with your message. I’ve also been approached by gardening companies wanting me to promote their products on my clairescrops blog but my message is all about gardening organically and sustainably recycling containers and how to recycle compost safely not about endorsing products that beautify the garden. It was nice reading about you going through the same ethical battle.

    Lucky you with your upcycling project. Their packaging looks fab. Happy creating!

  6. Bugger, the above post beat me to it! I was going to say knitting needle/ crochet hook pot too. Um, chopstick holder? Pipe cleaner holder? Birthday cake candle holder? Spot the woman who recycles those every year and gets in to a total panic (every year) because she can’t find them…

      • No they hide in backs of cupboards (in a box with the icing bag and ballerinas,footballers, ducks and frogs which have all been on cakes over the years) as I found out when I cleared out the corner cupboard ( you know the one) the one that is a double cupboard size but only has one door and is so dark you can’t see anything in it!

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