How lovely is the sunshine?

Very very very 🙂

And in the sunshine, we all obviously need Ice Lollies!

And I suddenly remembered my lucky spot from a charity shop a couple of months ago, that I had waited so patiently for, my ice lolly moulds!

We had a couple of mangoes in our fruit box, and in their usual frustrating way they had gone from rock hard to really quite squishy in less than 24hours, so I used one of them with a banana, and the obligatory half gnawed apple, to make a smoothie for the Smalls.

And then the rest got poured into my lovely ‘new’ moulds 🙂

ice lollies3Which we had for pudding. A real taste of summer.

Hurray for sunshine.

And Andy Murray winning Wimbledon.

All is right with the world 🙂

12 thoughts on “Ice-lollies

  1. I love our ice lolly moulds. I make loads of different types and then the kids have to play Ice Lolly Roulette as they try to work out whether it’s fruit juice, strawberry yogurt or the fancy layered one through the multi-coloured plastic 🙂

    If you have any spare kiwi fruit, try this ice lolly I found on Pinterest- peel and slice kiwi ( I think I got about 5/ 6 slices- you want them reasonably thick). Stick a lolly stick or similar in and open freeze. (I used half wooden stirring sticks left over from teachers gifts a year or two ago). Melt some chocolate and dip frozen kiwi in it. It will harden straight away. Eat immediately or return to freezer. More delicious than you’d think frozen kiwi fruit and chocolate would be!

    • Kiwi and chocolate are not two things I would automatically put together! Will give it a try-thankyou. Do you just freeze normal yoghurt in the lolly moulds? Is it nice?!

    • I experimented with lots of improvised lolly moulds back at the start of the year-my biggest problem was trying to get the spoons/sticks to stay upright until the lolly froze around it-any tips?!

  2. Us too – only, because we are from “downunder” originally, we call them “ice-blocks”. Perfect for after school – which reminds me, I really must pop off and make some now for later. It’s going to be another scorcher 🙂

    • It really is! Might try freezing some yoghurt like Hazel suggested. And both the Smalls insisted on having a banana each after breakfast and left more than half each (grrrr!)-might see how well banana milkshake freezes 🙂

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