Hello everyone, I am back!

Did you miss me..?

We had a wonderful week away.
I am refreshed and re-charged and this is the 1st non-scheduled blog post for over a week!

I will bore you all senseless fill you all in with some completely non-Make Do and Mend holiday shots in a day or two, but for now….

BigSmall got a party invite a couple of weeks back.

July bday3

Then we went on holiday.

And kind of forgot.

I remembered while we were away, and in ‘normal’ circumstances, we would have just popped to the shops in lovely Tenby and found something suitable. But this is My Make Do and Mend Year, and as we all know, normal circumstances do not apply… So I was trying to work out what I could make quickly on the Saturday evening when we got back, ready for the Sunday party.
When I mentioned this to hubby, who told me I was an idiot to even think of attempting such a thing.
So, I thought about having a quick scout around the charity shops of Tenby, but the beach and Small children, and boat trips and castles kept calling.

Then, on the way home, I had a spot of inspiration….


We have a stash of things that the boys have been given at various points that have been secreted away, either because they have something similar already, or they are at risk of present over-load.
Although obviously most of them are boy type presents, and I wasn’t too sure how chuffed a 4 year old girl would be with a couple of Thomas the Tank Engine books…

BUT, I managed to un-earth this little beauty!

July bday1It’s some kind of very pretty make your own bird in a cage type thing. No idea why someone gave it to either of the Smalls-far too dainty for boys!

Rustled a bit of ‘lightly used’ wrapping paper…

July bday2Got BigSmall to make a card…

July bday4And we were good to go..!!

I do feel slightly mean. Not entirely sure where I stand on the morals of ‘Re-Gifting’ but it got me out of a hole on this occasion, so I am not going to looks a (Re-) Gift Horse in the mouth 🙂

PS. Entries are now closed for the wonderous Giveaway. Thankyou for all your lovely comments-the name drawing will be done tomorrow if you can bear the excitement!

PPS. It’s good to be back 🙂




22 thoughts on “‘Re-Gifting’….

  1. I think re-gifting is a fab idea, keeping things that have been given to you that you are never going to use makes no sense, as Vivienne says, as long as you remember who gave you the gift in the first place, youre good. :o)

  2. …an excellent idea – nothing worse than lovely things sitting in cupboards not being used. If the little girl doesn’t like it (I can’t think why but perhaps she would have preferred Thomas the Tank Engine or lego) then I hope her mother passes it on to another little girl and so on…

  3. Why on earth would you feel mean (or morally dubious) about regifting (esp something so lovely – and why wouldn’t a boy like to sew a bird in a cage kit – I didn’t understand your “too dainty” comment)? Tackling consumption is all about making better use of things and massive class parties where every child gives a gift actually diminishes the value of all the other gifts.You can regift unwanted raffle prizes too. I remember an infamous bottle of olive oil that was raffled and reraffled time again during a campaign in the 1970s to stop Stansted Airport expansion (unsuccessfully). It was a badge of honour to win it, save it and re enter it to the raffle. No one dared use it & as a consequence the olive oil took on celebrity status.

  4. Have just wrapped up a present for a child’s party that originally came to us and hasn’t been used. I have a shelf of presents which I keep for re gifting; a lot of them are crafting things which we don’t get round to making.

  5. I keep presents that my boys have been given by others and either they have it already (or something very similar) or they don’t show any interest in it. And then I regift it on to another child if I think they’ll like it more. It definitely helps with the present overload situation that we can find ourselves in.

  6. Much better than it being wasted in a cupboard or opened half used and discarded. Provided it’s regifted thoughtfully then totally not a crime. (by thoughtfully I obviously mean if it’s horrid then give it to someone horrid but otherwise try to give it to someone who would like it more than you.)

    Only thing I wouldn’t agree with is the message that dainty things aren’t for boys 😉 bit much there. I was desperate for a transformer as a child but couldn’t admit it to my mum. She was gutted when she found out years and years later. She always had me down as a dainty wee girl and got me presents accordingly when I really I wanted the so called boys toys but thought they weren’t for me 😦

    • Sorry! Didn’t mean to offend anyone with my #everydaysexism.
      I’m sure BigSmall would have probably quite happily sat and made it (it was a paper thing-I think you had to glue all the bits together) so point taken-thankyou!

  7. I have regifted before and will do it again! My family and good friends know it is okay to give us such gifts as well. What’s the difference really, whether the item comes from your own closet or from the thrift store, which basically means someone else’s closet? As long as the item is in good condition, what’s the difference? Good to me. And less waste is best!

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