My W.I debut..! And another T-shirt Upcycle

Last night I had my debut W.I talk, thanks to the lovely ladies at Potterne Springs W.I.

They held a “Small Ideas, Big Changes” evening, that they threw open to the wider community as a free event, and it was an inspired idea that seemed to go down really well with everyone who attended.

As well as me, talking about My Make Do and Mend Year, there was:

  • Sarah Lammin who very wittily documents her families journey into all things frugal and green on Everyday Life on a Shoestring, talking about her blog, and giving lots of tips on Waste Watching
  • Emma Croft from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust talking about the Rubbish Diet and Bin Slimming
  • Sarah was running a workshop making homemade cleaning products and toiletries-bath bombs, washing powder, toothpaste, mouthwash and more
  • Emma’s workshop was making plastic bottle bird feeders and planters
  • My workshop had 101 ideas for old jeans (you can see most of them on my updated Jean Genie Pinterest board), Upcycling ‘Inspiration Stations’, and making shopping bags out of old t-shirts
  • AND there was a Give and Take table
  • AND there was tea and cake!

What a night, what more could you ask for 🙂
It was brilliant.
Everyone seemed to really ‘get’ what we were trying to say, and had lots of questions and seemed genuinely interested, which is always nice!
Thankyou so much to Sue, and the Potterne Springs WI having the vision to put on such a great event, and to open it up to the wider community too.

Just in case you are wondering how to make a bag from a t-shirt…

  • Get an old t-shirt
T-shirt bag1

An old t-shirt. I feel a photo of this is very important…

  • Chop off the arms-I did it inside the seams, so that no seam remains, but I leave you free to chop as you see fit
T-shirt bag2

I made a tank top!

  • Turn your t-shirt/tank-top inside out and pin the two bottom edges together, and then sew

T-shirt bag3

  • Remove the pins, snip off your loose threads, and you labels if you feel the need. Turn it the right way around again, and fill with shopping!

T-shirt bag4

Sue, who masterminded the whole evening, made the SWEETEST little bag for her son from one of his old Thomas the Tank Engine t-shirts. It was sooooo lovely (so lovely, I forgot to take a picture :()
So knock yourselves out and go crazy making t-shirt bags. You can also use vest tops or proper old woollen tank tops. Like I said, go crazy….!

10 thoughts on “My W.I debut..! And another T-shirt Upcycle

  1. Thank you again so much for Monday, Jen. It was lovely to meet you at last having stalked you via the blog! Your talk and activities were totally and utterly fab! As were Sarah and Emma’s also. Thanks ladies! I’ve had lots more messages and mails since with even more lovely comments from some of the ladies that came along and they’ve really got the bug and been inspired, as have I, to do more. How brilliant is that?! Incidentally Jen the Thomas bag in question was very well received and my son has been carrying some of his VIP fave trains around in it! Will send you a pic! And the bath bomb was lush Sarah Shoestring too! Again our grateful thanks both 🙂 xx

    • Thankyou so much for having me Sue! It was a great idea for a night of Upcycling and so glad we have inspired some people to give it a go too 🙂
      And thankyou for following the blog!

  2. Love the bag idea….our wardrobe’s stocked with linen bags that ‘walk off’ on an almost daily basis. So I’m sure I’ll be using your formula to re-stock, when the last one’s done a runner!

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