Good Things come to those who Wait….

Unfortunately I am not known for my patience (to say the least..) BUT one of the unexpected upsides I am learning during My Make Do and Mend Year, is to wait.

I have had to let go of that ‘instant fix’ mentality that I used to have, of just diving into the nearest shop whenever we needed something-new wellies for the Smalls; replacement plates when theirs get ‘dropped’ on the floor, again; slippers…the list could go on and on. I have had to get used to having to wait.

Sometimes, if you wait long enough, you don’t need the thing anymore-the weather improves and the Smalls don’t need yet another replacement hat for the one they’ve just lost. Again. Or their feet grow into the size 11 wellies you had managed to find that were previously too big!!

And sometimes if you wait long enough, you find the desire for the thing you really neeeeeeded has abated, and your life can in fact carry on if you don’t have it.

A long, long time ago now, right back at the beginning of the blog, my September Pinaddicts challenge was making Nutella ice-lollies. It turned into a complete debacle, needing 3 (yes, 3) blog posts to document the whole sorry tale. They are here, here and here if you have the time or inclination to read them!

And since then, I have been on the hunt for lolly moulds. To start with, I was quite pro-active in my hunting-scouring the charity shops and frequenting the car boot, but then I kind of forgot about them.


….I found some!! Just happened to spot them out of the corner of my eye in a charity shop while having a meander around. The charity shop fairy must have belatedly caught up with my wish…

And the joy I felt in my heart when I saw them! Hurray!!!!

lolly moulds1Bring on the Nutella ice lollies…!!

9 thoughts on “Good Things come to those who Wait….

  1. Hi I only recently found your blog and am loving reading about your year. I went back and read about the Nutella ice lollies with interest, as I’ve had them pinned on a board for some time. Enjoy your new lolly moulds and lollies, you’ve inspired me to give it a go now too, without the danger of the Pinterest fail which often accompanies my pinterest makes !

    • Thanks for reading Anna, and for leaving a comment. So glad to have provided some Pinterest help-my Pinterest makes never end up looking as beautiful as the original pins…! Come and join in with the Pinaddicts Challenge (, and let me know if you try them 🙂

  2. Hi Jen, I am a new reader too, and have been reading ‘the back numbers’ with interest. What a great challenge you have set yourself. I HATE the waste of rampant consumerism, and am on a personal campaign of not buying stuff, not an official project like yours, or Hattie’s, whose blog led me to yours, just a general grumpiness about the mindless accumulation of stuff, and a determination not to continue it myself. I particularly like your comments on your vintage shopping post, where you decided not to buy because there was nowhere to put the beautiful vintage gear in your home.

    I, too, have icy pole moulds from a church jumble sale. They have been well used. Have lots of fun with yours!

  3. Sometimes I find that there is something else in the house that will do rather than the specific thing that I am looking for. I wanted to sow some herb seeds this week and pop them into my small propagator (usually employed keeping homemade bread warm while proving). I espied some meat belonging to my husband in the fridge yesterday packaged up and sitting on some perfectly sized trays. Not a meat eater myself I await supper when I can bag them for my seeds. Good luck with the nutella ice lollies!

    • You are quite right! And I did try a couple of other ‘make do’s’ for the lollies previously, but the moulds are the easiest and best 🙂
      Good luck with your herb growing!

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