Ideas for Homemade Valentines Presents

I will come straight out at the start of the post and ‘confess’ that I am writing this from the perspective, of a 30 something female, wanting to make a little something for her hubster.
An awful lot of the Valentine’s gifts I’ve seen whilst ‘researching’ this post have been lovely. But not, I suspect, what my hubby would like to receive. As much as I would like to make him a pompom heart necklace, I fear he would not be best pleased with it….

So, this list is for quick and easy things that you can make, that I think the man (or woman) in your life might like to receive.
And I guarantee you they will all be cheaper than a bunch of red roses (actually, now I come to think of it, what do you buy men for Valentines? It seems to be a very female orientated occasion!)

VP collage 2

1) 52 things I love about you
I did this for hubby one Christmas, and he had an envelope to open every week for a year-I do love this idea to do it with a pack of cards though

2) 12 months of pre-planned date nights
Again, I’ve done this with hubby as a Christmas present, but I have to confess that we seemed to forget after February…!

Handmade Valentines Gifts

From the Thinking Closet 

The rest of the ideas are un-ashamaedly (is that a word?!) food based. What do they say about the way to a man’s heart..?!

3) A heart shaped pizza!

Homemade Valentines Presents

From Instructables  

4) Heart shaped muffins or cupcakes!

An easy way to make heart shaped muffins or cupcakes!

From Parentables  

5) Nutella pies. In a heart shape. I will say no more.

As an added bonus, here is what I did 2 years ago:

If I’m brutally honest, I can’t remember what I did last year. I know that hubby made me these awesome origami tulips:
Homemade Valentines Presents
I think I may have made heart shaped versions of this peanut butter fudge. As neither of us can remember, I plan on doing that this year…!

Do you celebrate/acknowledge Valentines?
I kind of get that it is a media/marketing phenomenon, but I do like to make a little something to mark the occassion-how about you? Any favourite DIY Valentines to share?!





15 thoughts on “Ideas for Homemade Valentines Presents

  1. The best thing we did last year was to get a twiggy small branch and hang small white paper hearts from it suspended with pink wool. On each heart we wrote something lovely about and for each other. It was really lovely and didn’t cost anything at all. I would show you the picture but don’t know how to get them here

  2. Oh yes, and btw, for the 2nd year, I’ve come up with a 3 course menu for less than 2 quid a head. Over on the blog if you want a looksee
    Love your ideas here

  3. My partner and I aren’t super big fans of the sort of forced and contrived nature of the holiday (and we definitely aren’t fans of overcrowded and overpriced restaurants!) I do sometimes make us a little treat, though; last year, I made heart-shaped little hand pies with apple filling inside and I put a silly note in his lunch.

  4. LesleyCooper we used to do that when my children were small, but we would all make promises on heart shaped card, then when they had fulfilled the promise they hung it on the tree. It was a lovely thing to do.

  5. Such lovely ideas – although some of that food’s looking a wee bit unhealthy – you’ve got me wanting to celebrate valentines when I don’t. Mind, Lovely Husband’s birthday’s coming up in two months, which should at least give me time to think of 52 things I love about him.

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