Ideas for Homemade Valentine’s Cards

You may be more organised than me, and already be all over Valentine’s Day.
If you’re not, and like me, want to do a little something, without buying into the whole ‘spend lots of money to tell someone you love how much you love them, on this one special day of the year when you can do so’ thing, then making your very own Valentine, for your Valentine, might be just the ticket!

I’ve been hitting Pinterest, and here are some great ideas, that look pretty do-able…!


1) This is super sweet!
I’m sure we have some spare jigsaw bits kicking around, and if not, then our local scrapstore often has boxes full of odd bits. The challenge might be to find two pieces that do actually match…!

Homemade Valentine's card

From Real Simple   

2) This is designed as a Valentine’s card for a kiddy-wink, but I think it makes a pretty cute grown-ups one!

3) If cross-stitch is your ‘poison’ then this might be the card for you!

Homemade Valentine's Cards

From Pinterest 

4) Another sewing themed card-very tempted to give this a go!

5) Not one, but SIX very clever, quirky  ideas here!

6) Because all good lists have 6, not 5….
Susie posted this gorgeous card in the Make Do and Mend-able Facebook group today, along with her blog post all about it-I heart it a lot!

So what will you choose for your other half/best friend/favourite pet this Valentines Day…?!

PS. Stay tuned for the ‘Small token of Valentine’s love’ presents ideas coming very soon….



6 thoughts on “Ideas for Homemade Valentine’s Cards

  1. What lovely ideas. I’m not a fan of Valentines and don’t ‘do’ Valentines day, but there are 364 un-Valentines days I might just surprise my hubby with one of these on. Thank you!

    • I totally hear what you’re saying about Valentines! I struggle because it’s 2 days after hubby’s b’day, and I’m all out of present ideas by that point!

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