Don’t Fret About Debt-writer in residence!

I’ve been asked to write some blog posts for a website called Don’t Fret About Debt, that aims, as the name suggests, to help people get clear of debt.
I was asked to come up with some suggestions to help people save money, while Making Do and Mending, and I’m their ‘featured writer’ for a whole month!
It’s a great opportunity to spread the Make Do and Mend message, and I’m really flattered to have been asked to do it. The more people we can tell about how awesome Making Do and Mending is, how easy it is, and how you can save money AND the planet at the same time, the better 🙂

Here’s the link to the first of my four posts:

Energy saving While Cooking


I’ll post the other links on Facebook and Twitter as they’re published!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Fret About Debt-writer in residence!

  1. Thanks for sharing, I did not know about this site! Awesome will explore more when I have more time.

    You are a fantastic inspiration – thank you so much for the effort you put in behind the scenes.

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