20+ Homemade No Sew and Nearly No-sew Nativity Costumes

I noticed last week, that one of my posts that has been getting a lot of hits recently, is my Nearly No Sew Nativity Costume that I knocked up for BigSmall a couple of years ago.
He had the role of inn-keeper, and we went with the traditional tea towel on the head, and a pair of curtains thing, so after searching and finding my post, I’m not sure how delighted people are with the result…

But I figured that it might be helpful to collate a bunch of posts from the t’interweb into one handy post, for anyone that is looking for easy homemade costumes as the Nativity season commences.


  • This one from Make Your Own Nativity Costumes, has a downloadable PDF, to make a basic tunic that can be adapted for lots of different costumes-inn keeper/shepherd/Joseph/Mary

  • This one from e-how doesn’t really involve any making, and is more a case of getting your child dressed! It recommends a nightgown (or you could use a shirt) and a robe (dressing gown?). The ultimate no sew, but maybe not Buy Nothing New shepherd..!
  • Jennifer from Jennifer’s Little World made a very cute shepherd’s outfit from a pillowcase

  • This post here from Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry, has quick and easy ideas for Angels, and also Shepherds/Inn Keepers/Joseph/Mary
  • There’s a great round up post from Netmums here that has LOADS of simple easy ideas for the most commonly needed costumes-Mary/Joseph, Shepherds, Kings/Wise Men, Angels, Stars and even stable animals!
  • I reckon everyone should be able to knock up a crown for their King, but if you are struggling or want a template, then there’s one here from Wiki-how, along with some ideas for decorating it
  • Angel wings from Flame:Creative Children’s Ministry
  • This is a actually a post on Wiki-how for making fairy wings, but shows how to use coat hangers to great effect, and could easily be adapted for your little angel
  • Eight no-sew nativity costumes in this great post here from The School Run

  • I think one of the hardest costumes is probably ‘a star’. I saw a thread on the Money Saving Expert forum, where someone said they had dressed their child in dark clothes and stuck foil stars all over them-sounds good to me. OR dress in dark clothes (the sky) and have a cardboard star on a headband-genius!
  • I have to confess this isn’t really no-sew, and I’m not sure if anyone actually ever has to act the part of the donkey, but I found this one on e-how and the idea of making a donkey costume made me giggle, so I thought I’d put it in!

BigSmall was a bluebird last year-that stretched us (and the nativity story…) a little.
But this year we’ve got away pretty lightly, with an angel, and a shepherd. And I have to confess I’m very relieved! I’ll be sure to take some pics once the outfits are ready to go. I am sure that if you look closely, you might find that the shepherd’s outfit bears a passing resemblance to the inn keeper’s one pictured above 😉



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