Top 10 Posts of 2014

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday from the brilliant eco-friendly craft blog Crafting a Green World yesterday, that charted their top 10 posts from 2014.
After I’d had a browse through (and found this fab post about how to turn a flat sheet into a fitted sheet!) my next thought, inevitably, was “oooh, I wonder which were my Top 10 posts for the year”. So I scuttled off to analyse my stats, and here they are:

Top Ten

We’ll do a true pop-pickers countdown to build the suspense….

10. Wonderbags!
I found out about Wonderbags while researching low energy cooking techniques when we were taking part in the Great Energy Race! They are kind of like a modern equivalent of a good old-fashioned haybox, and as well as needing less energy to cook food, they also have a great project to provide Wonderbags to families in developing countries

I used it to make a steamed pud, and BigSmall was very excited…!

I used it to make a steamed pud, and BigSmall was very excited…!

9. 200+ Homemade Gift Ideas for Father’s Day
ind of what it says in the title! A round up post of loads of ideas for making something special for the Daddy in your life

8. The Buy Nothing Project
I discovered the Buy Nothing Project early on in 2014, and promptly set up the 1st UK Buy Nothing Group! The project has grown at a phenomenal rate and now has groups in 9 countries, and over 80,000 members. It’s a little bit like Freecycle, but Facebook based, and you can gift skills and time as well as ‘stuff’. The focus is on building a community, and a gifting economy within a neighbourhood, and I love it!


7. Fill Your House for Free
Kirstie Allsopp was back on our screens showing the nation how to furnish their houses for free (or nearly free!). I got very over-excited and blogged about it each week. It was great to see groups like Freegle being bought to the attention of people who might never otherwise have heard of them, as well as introducing the concept of upcycling and re-loving, and most importantly, not buying new!

6. 10 Things I do that I Suspect Might Make Me a Bit Weird
I loved putting this post together! It suddenly occurred to me, that a lot of the things I now do, and take for granted as ‘normal’ are probably things that many other people would think were a bit strange! If you missed it the first time round, you can find out what they are here


5. Trench Cake
I saw a recipe for Trench Cake in the Waitrose magazine and gave it a go. Trench cake was something that was made by families and sent out to loved ones in the trenches during WW1. I have to confess it’s not the best cake I’ve ever eaten, but I would imagine that it was very well received by those it was sent to 100 years ago

4. 20+ Homemade No Sew and Nearly No Sew Nativity Costumes
 noticed in late November that my Nearly No Sew Nativity Costume post from 2 years ago was getting quite a few hits, and figured that lots of people were probably googling no sew nativity costumes, and collated this post!

3. 10 Useful Uses for Conkers
I love conkers, and can’t resist picking them up whenever I see them lying there are shiny and lovely on the ground. But then I am always a little stumped as to what to do with them when I get them home. Well not anymore!

2. 20 Elderflower Recipes
Another thing I can’t resist when the season is upon us, is elderflower. Once you’ve ‘got your eye in’, it seems to be everywhere!
I wanted to go beyond elderflower cordial, and collated this blog post full of fabulous fresh recipes, to showcase this seasonal delight

And at number 1…..
100 Happy Days!
I started this project at about this time last year. The idea was to post a picture of something made you smile, for 100 days in the row, with the aim of making you stop for a minute and appreciate the thing that had prompted the smile.
It was a great project, and is lovely to look back again on now. In fact, I’m tempted to give it another go..!



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