#MinsGame-The End?

OK, so I have reached day 30 of my month of de-cluttering and my #MinsGame (here’s my intro post about it!)
Starting with 1 item on the 1st November, and building up to 30 items on the 30th, a total of (at least) 465 items have now left my home (or are at least sorted awaiting re-distribution to charity shops etc!)


I started off documenting what I was de-cluttering each day, and you can catch up with weeks 1, 2 and 3 here, here and here. But the final week of the project involved 234 items in total, and I found that counting, photographing and writing down what I was getting rid of, was getting in the way of actually getting rid of it!
So I may not have done 22 items on the 22nd, and 23 on the 23rd, etc, but I did have a MASSIVE sort out of the spare room (again!) last night, and at least 234 items have now been ‘re-assigned’.

So here’s what I’ve learnt from doing the #MinsGame:

  • We have accumulated a LOT of crap
  • Getting rid of the accumulated crap doesn’t necessarily make your house look any tidier, as most of the time, said crap is hiding in drawers and cupboards
  • It looks (much) worse before it gets better
  • Just sorting the stuff into piles isn’t the same as actually getting it out of the house! I have been listing lots of the things on my local Buy Nothing Group, which takes time, and then I have to wait for someone to come and get it etc, so part of me thinks that a better strategy would be to just take it all to the charity shop. Having said that, some of the things aren’t really things that the charity shop would take-like a box of half used spray paint cans for example!
  • De-cluttering and zero waste are hard things to marry together
  • One person’s trash, is most definitely another person’s treasure! As I said, I have listed lots of stuff in our Buy Nothing Group and am constantly AMAZED that other people want my crap!
  • Just because I’ve bought stuff secondhand, doesn’t stop it from being crap I don’t need. I have fallen a little bit into the trap of fooling myself that it’s ok to buy plastic crap for the kids or other ‘stuff’ I don’t really need, as long as it’s not new. Well, this has made me face up to the fact that it is still plastic crap, and ends up in landfill, or is just stuff I don’t need that is cluttering up my house!
  • I need to be more mindful of the ‘end-point’ of a things life when I buy it. I hate hate hate, throwing stuff in the black bin to go to landfill, so I need to adopt much more of a conscious zero waste mindset when buying things (secondhand or otherwise!)
  • I am very guilty of buying things to use in various craft projects and then never getting around to doing them….!
  • I have too much fabric
  • De-cluttering is a staged process. I de-cluttered my recipe books about 3 times in the month, each time thinking I had got rid of all that I could! I also think that my craft and fabric supplies could be pared down again (and again!)
  • De-cluttering is quite addictive! The hardest part is making a start. Once you’re on a roll, it’s easy to keep going
  • #MinsGame has been a really useful tool, as in my mild panic to fulfil my day’s quota, it has forced me to tackle drawers and cupboards that I would usually ignore!

This has totally been a worthwhile exercise, and I would really recommend it to you all. I very consciously just tried to de-clutter stuff that was mine, or house stuff, rather than nag hubby and the kids to de-clutter their stuff, as I wanted to set an example, and not take the easy way out by de-cluttering all the toys the kids have outgrown!
Having said that, the kids stuff is now in my line of sight….!!

Did you join in?
How was your #MinsGame?

13 thoughts on “#MinsGame-The End?

  1. Well done on sticking with it. I found it quite addictive too and also purged the bookshelves, my wardrobe and jewellery draw for a third time. Mr H has always moaned about the ‘clutter’ but now bemoans the ‘lack’ of wooden spoons. I feel that I need to keep going or do another month’s worth- maybe January.

  2. Well done. I didn’t quite meet quota. In fact I was quite far off but life got in the way. I am going to try to make a conscious effort to declutter again this month though and again in January.

    I agree with a lot of your points above. Such as – the house doesn’t always look tidier and it looks worse before it looks better! *sigh* however I do not agree that you have too much fabric. Surely here is no such thing 😉 haha!!

    Well done Jen. You have done fantastic on this x

  3. Hi Jen,
    I didn’t quite make the numbers, but we have certainly had a good clear out and there is a pile waiting for the charity shop again!! I intend to make it part of my weekend routine to de clutter and sort out a cupboard or a drawer and have a good chuck out

  4. Thanks for giving me some incentive to get off my butt and get into my sewing/junk room to clean, declutter, etc. and organize. I just happened on this blog from another blog called foodstorageandsurvival.com because of a comment about the books titled Make Do and Mend from WWII and sewing being a good skill to have (I do know how to sew – YAY!). I think I’m going to try to get hold of the books also since I definitely do a lot of “make do and mend” on jeans, sweaters, collars, etc. This month (even with the Christmas break coming up and all the stuff that goes with that) is going to be my #MinsGame. Thank you so much for the incentive – and now I have to catch up since we are already on day five of December. LOL.

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