25 Alternative Christmas Trees

Since our inaugural egg box Christmas Tree, during My Make Do and Mend Year, we seem to have started a bit of a tradition of ‘alternative’ trees for the festive season. Last year we did lampshades, and this year, we are attempting a pompom tree.

For the last few years I have searched Pinterest for inspiration. Below are the inspiration, and then our interpretation of them. I think you will agree, it is difficult to tell them apart…

Can you guess which is ours…?!

Can you guess which is ours…?!


One of these is from Sarah Moore Vintage. I’ll leave you to guess which one….


There are LOADS of fab ideas for upcycled trees on the t’interweb, and as this weekend may well be the one when you start to turn your thoughts to decorations for Chrimbo, here is a little round up if you fancy something a little bit different this year!


Book Trees


1. This one from Juniper Books started a trend for book trees in libraries
2. This would work in our house, as we’re not too tidy..! From FFFound
3. From Literature is my Utopia
4. I found this one on Pinterest, but not sure who to credit to!
5. This one from Organized Clutter has a great tutorial to go with it

2D Trees
1. This family handprint tree from Balancing Home is very cute
2. Simple yet effective ribbon tree from A Blog About Love
3. Lights in a tree shape! Simples! From PLANETE Deco
4. This one is just one of many great ideas from Decorpics
5. This one from wooden planks (or pallet planks would work well too) was on Flikr

Bauble Trees


1. How cool is this? I think the tubes are drain pipe? Photo via Pinterest
2. This is one of LOTS of alternative tree ideas on Hometalk
3. Another simple idea that looks really effective. Photo via Pinterest
4. I can’t find the link for this one, I would love to see a post that tells you how to do it! Photo via Pinterest
5. This one is pinned to a door I think! From Entertain with Mark Addison

Slightly random trees

1. Depending on how good last Christmas was, you might have enough corks to make a tree…! From The Wooden Bee
2. Tin can tree-there’s a nice tutorial on BabbleDabbleDo if you want to have a go
3. An umbrella tree! From lulumoonmymuse
4. Coathangers, lights and baubles-surely we’ve all got those at home…! The link doesn’t work but it is attributed to 1 stop Lighting on Pinterest
5. Vinyl records. If you have a load of LPs no-one wants, then this might be a cunning way to re-love them! From Recyclart

Quite frankly a little bit bonkers trees


1. Ties. Does anyone have this many ties…..?! From Lushome
2. Does anyone drink this much beer..? OK, yes. Maybe they do… From Dzine trip
3. This was described as a ‘redneck’ Christmas tree! From Happy Place
4. I reckon we could all manage this one…. From Lushome
5. Medics Christmas party gone wrong..? From Lushome

If that’s not enough for you, I’ve got a dedicated Pinterest board right here!

Happy decorating peeps 🙂



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