Rudolph cupcakes

I’m ridiculously pleased with these, and couldn’t wait to share…!
SmallSmall’s pre-school had their Christmas fair this weekend, despite my protestations that it was still November, and therefore ILLEGAL to do anything Christmassy (everyone knows it’s not Christmas until the 1st December…), and the request went out for cakes for the cake stall.

I knocked up a batch of these Rudolph cupcakes, and some Crispy Stars (if you can bear the wait, I will blog them very soon…)

And here they are:

Crispy stars21I think this one is my favourite, he looks a little bit like how I feel most of the time…

Crispy stars31

And the best bit was, they were so easy!

I’m always a bit wary of piping chocolate buttercream on cupcakes, as you run the risk of it looking like a big poo.
So I used my big nozzle that looks a bit like this:

2D Wilton Flower Nozzle

Photo from

I piped non-poo looking splodges, then used mini-marshmallows for the eyes, and added little black dots with an icing pen. The noses are smarties. We now have a 4 tubes of smarties left without red ones-what is a girl to do..?!




10 thoughts on “Rudolph cupcakes

  1. Great cupcakes. Bet they went like the proverbial hot cakes! Don’t worry about the leftover Smarties. Just send them to me, I’ll eat them up for you – I do hate waste!

  2. These are wonderful! I made some similar last year but the faces were not as good as these. One thing I did do which worked well is use bits of curly wurly for antlers. Going to copy your faces this year! J x

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