The 2013 Tree!

After last year’s Egg Box Tree egg-cellence

egg-box81-2we knew we had our work cut out to come up with something as special for this years.
And I think we may have pulled it out of the bag.

Proudly presenting….

the 2013 Make Do and Mend Christmas Tree….

made from….

Lampshade tree2


And here it is at night

Lampshade tree1

I was inspired after seeing the wonderful Sarah Moore’s lampshade trees online


and while I am the first to admit that our’s may not have quite the same vintage style and class, we are pretty pleased with it!
And actually, even hubby admitted that a couple of evenings sat in front of the TV wrapping ribbon around lampshades was preferable to battling with a real tree 🙂
That and the cat seems to like it….

lampshade tree cat1

9 thoughts on “The 2013 Tree!

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