Line ’em Up…

We spend lots of money heating our homes, and at some point or other, it all ends up leaking out.
This info graphic show just where it leaks from:


Image from Green Home Gnome

And it shows us that 25% of the heat escapes from windows and doors.
Double glazing is obviously the most common way to reduce the heat loss from your windows, but how about this for a fascinating fact (I love Twitter!)-apparently insulated shutters reduce heat loss by 60%, this compares with double glazing at 55%. That is amazing-just think if you have double glazing and insulated shutters!!

Anyway, we have double glazing, but sadly not insulated shutters. And we have curtains. I did try and find out how much heat loss curtains will prevent, but no-one on Twitter answered me I couldn’t, so we will make the assumption that it is ‘some’. Curtains are better than no curtains. But lined curtains are better than just plain curtains. And thermally lined curtains are the holy grail.
I was feeling quite smug that all of our curtains were lined with thermal lining. Which is fab. Until I realised that actually, not all of the curtains were lined. Our kitchen curtains (which were the 1st pair I ever made on my own, and lined just with thin normal weight lining material) are not thermally lined, and neither are those in our spare room.
So as we are in a Great Energy Race (and on a quest to reduce our energy usage and thereby singlehandedly save the planet)I decided I needed to rectify this.
And in true Make Do and Mend style, I decided to do it without buying anything new!

So, next question. How do you add an extra lining to an existing pair of curtains without doing any unpicking….?

Here’s how:

  • Ask your wonderful Buy Nothing Group if anyone has any blankets/fleecy material that might be suitable, and be suitably grateful and amazed at people’s generosity when you get not one, but two offers
  • Take down your curtains and lay them on the floor with the current lining facing upwards
  • Undo the string bit at the end of the curtain tape that is holding them all in their ruched up state and pull them out to their original width
  • Measure the width and length of the current lining
    Curtain linings1
  • Cut your chosen new lining material to these measurements
  • Pin and then sew header tape (I am reliably informed you can get proper lining heading tape, but I had some leftover regular header tape in a drawer, so I am using that) on to the wrong side of your lining (i.e. the side you don’t want anyone to see)
    Curtain linings2

Curtain linings3

  • Hook your new linings onto to header tape of the curtains
  • Re-ruche (is ruche even a word?) your curtains, complete with their new linings
  • Hang and revel in the toasty warmness of your awesome new frugal-tastic toasty warm curtains
    Curtain linings4

    See, you can't even tell which one is lined-not a lump in sight!

    See, you can’t even tell which one is lined-not a lump in sight!

    It's this one!

    It’s this one!


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