Life’s Little Instructions

I follow this awesome lady on Twitter, @HeardinLondon.
I know she is awesome, and I know she is a lady, because I met her at TEDx Bedford, where she was also talking. About world peace.
And little did I know it at the time, but meeting her, and hearing her talk (which you can see here), has I think, changed my life.

Anyway, I digress.
If you are on Twitter, you should really follow @HeardinLondon. She is awesome. Have I already mentioned that?
She takes quite brilliant pictures, of civil disobedience, of street art, of people jumping, of sunrises, of all sorts.
And she is very, very wise.
She posed the question the other evening “If your 20 years older self had a message for the current you, what do you think it would be?”.
It was/is a great thread, and there were lots of quite thought provoking responses.
But I liked this one from @ThatNeilMartin best.
Apologies if you have already seen it-I posted it on Facebook and Twitter, but it fits with with my current little mini series, and I found it pretty inspirational.



8 thoughts on “Life’s Little Instructions

  1. Now that is a wonderful list of how we should try to live our lives! If we can tick off one quote a day that we have achieved, life might just get a little better for everyone! Never done it before, but you have made me think more, and at 59 I’ve got a notebook and am writing down thoughts and quotes….it’s great! Sue xx

  2. We’ve just had half our garage made into “my” room so I have four blank walls to fill. These set of life instructions are just perfect to fill the walls with. Thank you for sharing xx

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