Inspiration #4

I will stop with these soon, I promise, but I just love this quote from Vivian Greene.

My mum was a great Radio 4 fan, and had obviously heard this, but not in it’s entirety. It was written down with some bits missing, but with the date and the time of the programme she had been listening to.
Thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, I was able to ‘listen again’ and find the whole quote. And I really liked the fact that I was sitting listening to something that my mum has listened to-it made me feel connected.


10 thoughts on “Inspiration #4

  1. Oh Jen please don’t stop the quotes, they are fab, really brighten my day! How about one a day for the next year? Could be your new project for 2014! Your mum will be up there shouting “that’s my girl”!!! Sue xx

  2. Have loved this quote for years, and I echo Sues words, please keep sharing these. I love quotes (I have my own quote book which I started when I was about 15), and these are a great little peek into how your Mum dealt with what she was going through. Im sure your Mum would be really touched to know that you are choosing to share these and that through them you are still feeling her presence :o)

  3. This is a fab quote, a friend recently died from the dastardly C also and this was one of the quotes she liked and shared too 🙂

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