Back on it…

OK, so the time has come to get back on the horse and get back to blogging about Making Do and Mending, which is what I imagine most of you tune in for.
Not the most exciting thing in the world to get the ball rolling, but it does involve buttons, and anything involving buttons is always mildly exciting (for me anyway).

I have been on the hunt for a ‘new’ winter coat for a while, and spotted this one in a charity shop but almost instantly rejected it on the basis of the buttons.

Coat buttons1
But then my brain started whirring and creaking, and I remembered that the technology exists to actually change buttons, therefore offensive buttons are not a just cause for rejecting a garment.
So I tried it on, and it fitted, and it was the bargain price of £7.50 (it wasn’t until I got it home and was showing my mother in law that she pointed out that it was an M&S Autograph coat, so probably pretty pricey when it was new), so I snapped it up.

And then the fun started-I got to search through my button stash and find some suitable ones to brighten it up a bit.

Coat buttons31

I changed the ones on the sleeves too (please ignore the state of the cuffs, I have worn this at least 2 or 3 times (!) and I have Small children, nothing stays clean for long…)

Coat buttons23

Coat buttons22I have to admit to being slightly disappointed not to have been inundated with people demanding to know where I got my amazing coat from when I have been out wearing it, but I think it’s pretty funky, and that is all that matters 🙂

17 thoughts on “Back on it…

  1. Well done you for buying a really nice coat,at a brilliant price. I’m sorry to say that whilst I hated the original buttons (you were right to change them!) and I like the bright colours I think I’d have preferred pairs of buttons on the front.( I realise your button stash might not allow for this). But that’s me with my hate of things not aligned and not a dig at you at all. It’s your coat and it makes you happy. Hope you understand. Oh and I LOVE the bear on Facebook! So cute!

  2. Welcome back Jen! Your coat looks fab, and being M & S probably would have cost upwards of £50…..what a saving. Who’s to know it’s not brand new?….. Except maybe all of us! Sue xx

  3. Great transformation! My Mum is also a fan of changing buttons to alter the look of a garment. I am on the lookout for a ‘new’ coat, too, and will search with an open mind!!

  4. I bought a new coat from the Oxfam shop recently, but mine was only £6.99. But then it wasn’t an M&S Autograph original 😉 I love it and keep telling people about what a bargain it was as, like you, no one has asked about it! How inconsiderate of people!! 😉

  5. I nearly always change the buttons on any garment I buy in a charity shop. It’s amazing how that little thing changes the look.
    I think I must be extremely stingy, I couldn’t pay £7 for a coat in a charity shop! the last coat I bought was 99p! But then again I do live in a town with outlet charity shops, seriously!

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