Waste Watcher’s-the end..?

So here it is. The end of the Waste Watcher’s Challenge, and the Rubbish Diet.

And I am more than a little sad.

During the course of the eight weeks, I have:

AND we have indeed Slimmed our Bin!

This was our bin at the start of the project:

Waste watchers21

Our wheely bin was about 1/3 full-we guesstimated it at about 80 litres

And this is our bin at the end of the 8 week challenge:

About 20-25 litres

About 20-25 litres

(I realise it is hard to really appreciate the difference from the photos-it is hard to get any sense of perspective when photographing the inside of a bin-I had intended to take a picture of it outside the bin, but hubby came over all efficient and emptied the house bins before I got a chance, and I drew the line at bin diving..)

Not zero waste by any means (I have to confess I wimped out of attempting zero waste week), but given that I thought we were already pretty good, and that we wouldn’t really be able to Slim our Bin by much, to have got it down to a quarter of what it was, is, I think, pretty awesome!

And once SmallSmall is out of nappies, we can get slimmer still (he wears disposables at night).

So, is this the end of our Waste Watcher’s journey? I sincerely hope not. It sounds ridiculous to get passionate about rubbish and waste, but from watching Trashed, and from speaking to inspirational people like Karen and Emma, it really is one the biggest issues facing us today. And it is so so so easy to do something about it. If we all recycled what we could (it really is not difficult to just put the things in the right bin is it?) and gave it a little thought, it could have MASSIVE implications for the future of the planet…

13 thoughts on “Waste Watcher’s-the end..?

  1. I paraphrase I believe Jane Goodall….”Every little or large effort absolutely does make a difference. How can it not?” Good job. You are young so imagine how much the difference your efforts will make in the years to come.

    • Thanks Vivienne. At least they are young enough that I just accept I have to clear up after them, rather than getting annoyed at them for not doing it! AND I still have control over what gets put in the bin 😉

  2. Well done to all of you, thats a brilliant effort. You will have to keep us updated as to how you keep it up (and what you can get down too without nappies). All the new experiences that it has brought with it are impressive as well. Excellent stuff! :o)

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