6 Not Out….

This weekend saw the lovely hubby and I celebrate our SIXTH wedding anniversary 🙂

And as it was Earth Hour on the Saturday, it seemed only fitting to break out the candles for a candle-lit fish and chip supper, from the most excellent Scallop Shell at our local farm shop.

Candles at the ready, awaiting the arrival of the fish and chips!

Candles at the ready, awaiting the arrival of the fish and chips!

Hubby googled it, and apparently 6 years is either cast iron, or sugar, in terms of anniversary.

Knowing me quite well by now, he went with the sugar option and rustled up some Number 6 shaped peppermint creams!

Clever hubby-top marks!

Clever hubby-top marks!

And he even managed to track down a very appropriate bottle of wine to quaff with our fish and chips…

In case you can't read it, it's called "Anniversary"

In case you can’t read it, it’s called “Anniversary”

As for me, all I managed to come up with was this rather last minute card for hubby…


11 thoughts on “6 Not Out….

  1. Happy anniversary! We always forget ours and are reminded WAY too late when other people call up to wish us happy anniversary. So don’t feel bad about the card – it looks great and at least you remembered!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I am very impressed by the peppermint creams- what a lovely present.
    We had the candles and wine for Earth Hour, but sadly no fish and chips.

    And I won’t tell you how many years I’ve been married this year. I’m just going to insist I was a child bride…

  3. Congratulations! @Hazel above – the good thing about being married for longer is that if you’re into double figures (like me), there’s the potential for double the number of peppermint creams! Hubby managed a shepherds pie yesterday so I’m thinking 1 and 4 shaped peppermint creams have got to be within his reach come October…

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