Make Do and Mend-able Facebook Community

I’m sure you have all noticed how much I LOVE the weekly #makedoandmendhour Twitter chats

#makedoandmendhour poster

It is such a fabulous community of wonderful people sharing all their awesome Makes, and Mends. It’s also a great place for people to ask for help with all things Make Do and Mend, and its such a lovely feeling to see all the helpful responses posted in answer to someones question.
I have been thinking lots about how to extend that feeling of a whole community of Make Do and Mend-ers beyond Thursday evenings, and into the rest of the week. I know that the community is already out there-so many people Making Do and Mending, and I wanted to create a way for us all to connect and support and encourage each other.
So I’ve made a Facebook group! Well, two actually.

The 1st one is Make Do and Mend-able

Blog header 3?
This is the community page.
A place for people to share their Makes and Mends, and top tips for Making Do.
A place for people to ask for help and advice with things they aren’t sure of (Make Do and Mend type things…!)
A place for people to share inspiration, blog posts, pictures, anything else they want to share!
A place to support and encourage each other, meet like-minded people, and make some lovely friends!
Making Do and Mending is a pretty broad ‘thing’, so it doesn’t have to be confined to the crafting bit-it can be pretty much anything around the issue of trying to live a bit more sustainably.

The 2nd page is Make Do and Mend-able Pre-Loved Craft Stuff

MDAM Pre-loved craft stuff3
f you are anything like me, you *may* have a teeny tiny bit of craft stuff that is now surplus to requirements.
And you may have a list of supplies that you are on the look-out for, but that you don’t want to buy new, or you can’t quite afford at the moment.
Well this is where this group comes in.
You can post your surplus craft supplies-you can either:
-Offer them for sale-give a price, or ask for offers. Please make it clear if P&P is included, and if it isn’t, give a rough idea of how much it will cost (There is a Royal Mail pricing list in the Files to help you)
-Offer them for swap-you might have somethings in mind that you need, and might meet your perfect match-like Make Do and Mend match making!
-Offer them Free for Posting (FFP) i.e. you are happy for someone to have the item if they can cover the cost of the posting for you (Again, try and give an idea of how much the posting would cost)
-Offer them Free for collection
You can also ask for things you might be looking for-I am on the hunt for green wool for a project, so am just off to post this request now!
I find if you are asking for stuff, it helps to give a back story as to why you want it, and also to make it clear if you are looking for something for no/low cost or if you are happy to pay.

The main rule for both groups is to Be Kind!
I really want them to be supportive, happy places to encourage each other and spread the Make Do and Mend love 🙂

So there we go!
Let me know what you think. And if you want to join either group, just click on the pictures, which should take you to the right place on Facebook, and ask to join! (I’ve made them both closed groups, just to try and avoid spam, and make sure everyone is keeping with the ethos and acting considerately and being kind)



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