Waste Less Live More Week-Make It

Hurray! It’s Monday, and not only the start of a brand spanking shiny new week, but also the start of this year’s Waste Less Live More week too 🙂
The theme for this year is Be Resourceful, and there is a Be Resourceful Challenge running all week-you can register and download your Challenge pack here.


Today’s challenge is #Make It.

Make It

There is a nice quote in the Be Resourceful Challenge kit from the Crafts Council about the therapeutic benefits of crafting and making:
“Craft-based experiences alleviate the symptoms of physical and mental disorders and stress and help people build strong relationships with those around them”.

And beyond the therapeutic benefits, there are wider benefits too.
By making something instead of buying it, you become more aware of the resources that are going into it; you are possibly more likely to treasure and respect it and not dispose of it quickly; you know who has made it (you!) and that they weren’t working long hours for no money doing it; if you make a gift for someone else, I think that the gift of the time that you have devoted to making it, is far more precious than the gift itself.

So Making rocks.
And I don’t want any excuses about not knowing how to sew or knit or crochet-making can be anything:

  • Jams and preserves-it’s the perfect time of year for a spot of foraging for blackberries, and rustling up some jam; or using up a glut of tomatoes in a homemade pasta sauce
    Slow cooker jam7
  • Packed lunches-make a packed lunch instead of buying a sandwich-who knew that this small act could be part of the Makers Revolution?
  • Bread-have a go at making your own-it might not be perfect but it will be immeasurably better, and better for you, than the shop bought sliced white


    Hmmm, maybe this one needs a bit more work….!

  • Biscuits and cake-make a batch of biscuits-my all time favourite recipe is this one here-I make a batch every week, and vary what I add to it to give a bit of variety
  • Presents-in my humble opinion, a homemade present is always far more ‘valuable’ than anything you could buy. Check out my Homemade Presents page for some easy ideas, or hit Pinterest for some inspiration

    Vinyl LP clock

    Vinyl LP clock

  • Cards-along with presents, you can’t beat a homemade card, and it will save you a small fortune-you don’t need to be especially arty-my favourite cheat is to get the kids to make them…

And if you can sew/knit/crochet, then the world really is your oyster! Why not set aside an hour or two this evening, to actually make a start (or a finish) on a project that you have been wanting to do for ages.

Share your photos of what you have been making on the Wastelesslivemore Facebook page, or on Twitter, using the hashtags #MakeIt and #WLLM14.
And if you’d like to, I’d some to see some of your Makes on the Make Do and Mend-able community page too 🙂

Happy Making!

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