Making, Making Do and Mending August Linky

Here’s the second in the new Making, Making Do and Mending series.
The idea is that we all share each month what we are Making, Making Do with, and Mending, and if you have a blog, you can link up your posts for us all to come and see! (If you don’t have a blog, please still share by leaving a comment 🙂 )

So here’s mine for this month:


  • A bag from some trousers
  • 1st attempt at chocolate mousse

Choc mousse1         The verdict? It tasted ok, but it looked a bit like I had served up a bowl of poo, and possibly needed longer to set…

Making Do With

  • Having finally admitted defeat on my summer shoes from last month’s Making Do with, I had a rummage in the cupboard and un-earthed some other shoes that I haven’t really worn much because I preferred the other ones.
    Yes, they are filthy already...

    Yes, they are filthy already…

    But now I have decided to press these into service, rather than try and find a ‘new’ pair. I am slightly concerned that the soles have already started to come away at the toe…

  • I’m going to a wedding this month, and had grand plans to make a dress, but it’s next week, and I may to admit that I just won’t find the time, and it will all become a bit stressful. I can’t really justify buying a new dress (even it is secondhand) as the opportunities for wearing posh dresses these days, are pretty few and far between.
    Sooooo, I’m planning to wear this lovely spotty dress that I bought secondhand to go the the Ethical Awards this year.
    Making Do and Mending Aug3Only problem is, I wore it the Hen Do too. Do you think anyone will notice? Or care?


  • Hubby keeps asking me to darn some of the  holes in his work socks. I keep forgetting. I WILL do this…
  • BigSmall’s school coat was bought from the PTA’s Pre-loved uniform stall, and had a little tear in the back. It has got bigger.

Making Do and Mending Aug1

I need to try and remedy this before the end of the school hols!

Come and join in! I would love to know what you’re all up to 🙂


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20 thoughts on “Making, Making Do and Mending August Linky

  1. you will look lovely in your spotty dress at the wedding, and after all, it is all about the bride, so new outfits for weddings aren’t a necessity

  2. No one will notice the dress, I’m sure, other than to think you look nice in it! I like the idea of sharing projects and what we’re making. So many clever and talented folk out there who come up with some brilliant makes/upcycling ideas!

    I just finished a little crocheted dance bag for my daughter who got dance shoes for her birthday (I managed to get her entire dance kit second hand). This is the link for the unicorn I crocheted for her birthday

    Last night I experimented with food from the freezer so that we can defrost the freezer before we move house – and came up with this, which I just had to blog about because it was so delicious:

  3. I agree totally that the dress is perfect and all attention will be on the bridal party. Besides, in my experience very few remember what anyone else wore to anything. They just think about what they should wear and how they look LOL.

    • Thanks Lesley. It is there! Just need to click to see all the links. Think I really should think about moving the blog over to, and then all the links would show on the post…

  4. PS I think the spotty dress would be lovely for the wedding, there is far too much emphasis on new, new, new. Who cares if people have already seen it?

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  6. The chocolate mousse does not look like poop! 😀

    This last wee while I have mostly been digging about in Granny’s attic!
    I did however bake a cake, an amazing no eggs/butter/milk cake! Really tasty, moist and chocolatey!
    Ps. I made another today doing the “stick it all in the pan & mix method” do NOT do this! Do what I do in the blog and sieve the dry to combine, put in pan and then stir in the wet. Much better result, texture wise.

  7. It’s always a worry whether or not to splash out on another posh frock – and I suspect folk rarely notice what you’re wearing. Maybe you could add a flamboyant scarf or corsage though just to make it feel special. At a wedding though, all eyes will certainly be on the bride.
    I mainly feel this month like I’ve been running just to keep still – so much produce to pick and freeze from the allotment! But I’ve made jam from my apples and blackberries, chutney from courgettes and done some more re-thinking of my sewing project

  8. Hi, I decided to buy nothing new for a year. It was lovely for Weddings etc to focus on the event and people and not what I was going to wear. The wedding party will be happy you’re there in whatever! Hope you have/ had a wonderful time!

    • Hi Sharon
      Well done you on your Buy Nothing New Year! When did it start/finish?
      You’re right-we really should all focus more on the events, and the people in our lives, rather than the ‘things’-thankyou!

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