Making, Making Do and Mending

I’ve been inspired by my Taking Stock post last month, to start a monthly linky, where we can all share what we are Making, what we are Making Do with, and what we are Mending.

Here’s mine to get us started.


  • Have finally finished the Lego blanket for the Smalls, that I stared before we went on holiday!
  • Roasted Red Pepper pesto-to add to pasta for a (hopefully) yummy tea

Making Do with

  • My summer shoes-I blogged last year that these were on their last legs, but I still haven’t got round to finding a replacement yet!
  • My slippers-I found these looking very new in a charity shop last Winter, and I think it might be time to try and find a new pair…
    Making Do July3


  • More patching! I started machine darning this pair of my jeans, and then decided that I wanted to try and unpick the side seams and sew in a whole new panel over the knee. I have got as far as the unpicking….
    Mending July1

Anyone want to join in?
I would love to see what you are all up to!

Leave your link below, and if you don’t have a blog, then you can always post in the comments 🙂

25 thoughts on “Making, Making Do and Mending

  1. There is a big photo omission in your blog, no pic of the Lego blanket! Would love to see it. The replacing knee patch looks intriguing and sounds a very good idea and one that could look less of a patch more of a refashion. Our ‘mend’ for the week has been the patio table! For 5 years it’s languished under a steadily decomposing cover over in the corner. I’ve missed sunny breakfast at it and decided this was THE moment to do something. So we’ve sanded and dusted off and re oiled it(3 times) and now it’s ready for the next sunny early morning breakfast.Happy Me!

  2. I am looking for omething to do with 100lb of unripe plums as the tree splip in half yesterday and I don’t think it is mendable. Maybe I can do something with the branch it is about 6 inches in diameter. I am knitting a cardi for hubby, but had to undo half of one sleeve as the blue wool was contaminated with green slubs . I am also making jam but alas no plum.

    • Oh my goodness. That’s a LOT of plums! Will they ripen if you leave them on trays in the sun? And then you could freeze them ready for when you have time to make jam/chutney?

  3. I really enjoy your posts. The sandals: the soles do go as they crack because they have no ability to bend. Moral is to buy the cheapest as they last as long as the high price ones. The slippers: I have always found it better for my feet and my purse to wear a pair of ordinary shoes in the house, flat soles , comfortable and they will outlast slippers by years. My last pair of house shoes are still fine and 7 yrs old ! Buy the house shoes in a sale and as you can often only get slippers in the autumn and winter they will repay the outlay well. Trousers: if you have a free arm machine you might be able to machine sew on a patch without unpicking the side seam, they can be a pain to resew. Otherwise sew on a patch by hand with blanket stitch edging perhaps fixing it in place first with some iron on interfacing then securing it with some embroidery stitches. Plums: un ripe plums will make excellent chutney.

  4. Making – quilts, quilts and more quilts, some as pressies and one for me!
    Mending – my Liberty shopper. Was a prize in a giveaway but the handles have always been too long, so have taken them off and am going to shorten them.
    Making do with – my non work wardrobe, I am in dire need of some new clothes but due to lack of funds, ethical dilemas and such its not happening.

  5. Lovely post Jen I have not done a blog on any mending but I have sewn 3 cushion covers up after the dogs ragging with them and in the middle of taking a pair of jeans up and started an embroidery tray cloth or dresser runner

  6. I have a pair of leather slip on shoes that are really too worn out to wear outside any more. For the last two years, I’ve been wearing them as my winter slippers – they are leather after all and keep my feet warm and are just roomy enough to take a pair of socks. Recently the sole started cracking and I have put on a piece of duct tape to hold it together. My husband laughs at me but:
    1 I just haven’t found anything half as good to replace them with
    2 The shoes and I are old friends. We’ve been together a long time and I’d miss them… : )

    • I love that you are friends with your shoes 🙂
      Have you tried Sugru for the crack-check out be worth a try!

  7. I am really concerned that you’ll hurt yourself wearing those shoes 😮 i have heard horror stories!! Please be extra-extra-extra careful going up and down curbs. Or walking on paving-stone-pave ments. Or really, everywhere :-/

  8. I’m definitely joining in this one!

    Making – this week it equals baking.

    One of my challenges for no plastic July is to make more sweet and savoury snacks to put in our biscuit tin, rather than buying endless packets of crips. So in the last couple of weeks I’ve made thumbprint biscuits, 3 batches of cheese straws, 1 birthday cake and 1 Bakewell pudding (not tart! although I don’t think anyone outside Derbyshire cares about that 🙂 ). No crisps, biscuits or cake bought here in the last few weeks.

    Making Do – I find this really hard to answer we dont buy new things very often so I think we make do all the time, we just don’t realise it. I think it would have to be our shelves. We inherited some shelves with the house and we were given some shelves by my Father Out Law which Josh put up. They are all a little old and in some cases warped but we put them up at such an angle that you can’t really see it and the books stay in place so that works for us.

    Mending – As you know i’ve been on a mending hiatus because of my frozen shoulder. My shoulder is now better and I have a pair of socks calling to me from the darning pile tonight!

    Slippers – Years ago, when this happened to my Dad’s slippers he used to cut new soles out of old lino and glue it to the bottoms.

    • Hi Becky!
      Your baking sounds fabulous-I am salivating..! How is Plastic Free July going? So in awe of everyone doing it-I couldn’t even begin to get my head around no plastic…
      Loving the sound of your shelves-as long as they are functional, that’s all that really matters!
      You dad and his slippers sounds awesome!
      Hope your shoulder is improving.

  9. Hi Jen
    I’ve just finished making a jumpsuit for my daughter made from some beachy curtain fabric I found in a charity shop. Could have been AWFUL, but we love it.

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