The Son had his Hat On…

Hip Hip Hip Hooray!

Yes, the sun was out.
And at the weekend as well 🙂

For some reason, the changing of the seasons always seems to catch me out. I know it’s late Spring, and Summer is well on it’s way, and hopefully things will warm up and we will see some sun. But then I am always caught in a mad panic, trying to find the suncream, the hats and shades when the sun does make an appearance.
And is it just our house that seems to have a black hole for hats and gloves and useful things? The Smalls have a sunhat each, but I can never find them when I need them, so I have been on the look-out for more for the last few weeks, but without any luck.
Until Friday. When I wandered into a jumble sale/monthly pop-up charity shop thing (that makes it sound a bit more hip and happening than it is…).
And found a WHOLE TABLE of summer hats!

I bagged three, for the princely price of 50p each.
I love Making Do 🙂

Hat number one

Hat number one


Close up of the sharks…


Hat number 2-OK, so it’s no longer 2012, but I like to think of it as a price of memorabilia…


Hat number 3-SmallSmall refused to model this as he was fed up of having photos taken, and as he quite rightly pointed out, this is his big brother’s hat, and not his. So it is being modelled by the guinea pig’s hidey hole…

And now it’s going to rain for the rest of the week….

2 thoughts on “The Son had his Hat On…

  1. Great bargain you got there! Our house is a black hole for gloves definitely. Or during the winter I can often find summer hats and in the summer be over run with bobble hats… Perhaps I need to be more organised?! I also find that the warm weather creeps up on me, and suddenly I have a request from the boys for shorts and I’m rummaging around for last years hoping they’re not too small! This is obviously ok for son #2 but son #1 usually ends up in short shorts until I can get him some more… This year I think he must have noticed (he’s 9 now) and made a casual comment of “I prefer long shorts to short shorts Mum” Good job he doesn’t grow quickly!!

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