Your thoughts please!

Right then lovely super blog readers and friends.
I need your help, and the benefit of your good taste and constructive feedback (no pressureโ€ฆ!)

I blogged a little while back about my plans for world domination for Make Do and Mend, in the form of Make Do and Mend-able.
Work is continuing behind the scenes on the fabulous new site, and to go with a new site, I am told I need ‘Branding’. And a logo.
I have enlisted the help of super lovely amazingly talented Graphic Recorder Claire Holgate, to design me some loveliness.
She has done a brilliant job.
BUT I am totally rubbish at decision making.
AND I thought it would be good to ask you all for your thoughts, as I kind of want it to be your site too ๐Ÿ™‚

Soooooooo, here goes:

This was the original selection of colours and fonts:


I think I have decided on the yellow-I really like it. But I need to sort out fonts, and font colours

yellow box - black sans serif shaded font

yellow box - blue sans serif shaded font

I really like how this blue works with the yellow, but is it too masculine?

And there is the option of these super cute little icons in there somewhere too:

yellow box - black sans serif shaded - scissors

yellow box - black pacifico font with needle and thread

I think the needle and thread is my favourite icon, and this font looks good too

yellow box - black pacifico font - victory red button icon

But then the button is really sweet too!

yellow box - black pacifico font - four buttons

And if one button is good, then maybe 4 buttons are 4 times as goodโ€ฆ?!

yellow box - black tusj font - scissors

I think this font might be my favourite?

Oh. My. Goodness.

I would LOVE any feedback-be as brutally honest as you like.
In a supportive and gentle manner, obviouslyโ€ฆ.

59 thoughts on “Your thoughts please!

  1. I also like the yellow. I don’t think blue on yellow is masculine (and wouldn’t care if it was!) but is there not something about that being a difficult colour combination for some folk to read? The black certainly stands out more.
    I like all the icons but needle and thread best. If going for buttons go for four!
    I like that last font – it’s a bit unusual and has a patchy kind of look which fits well with the theme.

  2. I’m sure your designer will have told you but it all depends what you are trying to say and to who? The scripted fonts (with or without icons) are more friendly and fun but older, possibly even the wrong kind of old fashioned?? The blue on yellow is lovely aesthically though! I actually prefer the first font as it is contemporary, urban (?) so a bit modern but not too far. Like caps. Love love the scissors! Also you need to think about the hyphen…as mendable is straight, obvious etc but mend-able looks like it might read as mend. Able. Which is odd?!!!
    So top two for me!!

    • I kind of thought that Mend-able might have a double meaning, in an enabling Make Do and Mend type way. Does that make sense? Or is it just weird?

  3. I like either the more scriptive font or the very last one. I agree that some might struggle to see the blue on yellow so it might be better to stick with black. I sometimes struggle with colour on colour. I definitely like the icons and think you need those. Either the needle and thread or the 4 buttons together.
    Good luck with the decision making!

    • I think black on the yellow is clearer than the blue – could be difficult for some.
      I do like that last font and like the red button or the scissors – oh, dear, we’re all telling you different, except about the coloured font! Happy choosing!

      • Thanks Pam! Yes, it has just occurred to me that getting everyone’s thoughts might make this harder, not easier!

  4. I really like the button with the dark script font. I suspect that we will all like different things and you’ll be stuck with the most difficult part of the decision. But that is my vote. I also really love the scissors and thread and think they MUST be there somewhere on your site. Gorgeous.

  5. Ooh, these sorts of questions are really difficult! I’ve done a little design myself, and rationally all of those are lovely (of course, given who’s done the work!). It has to come down to what really ‘rings’ with you personally, because there really isn’t any dud work in there!

    I do find the blue-on-yellow a bit difficult (I’m astigmatic, and find the old-school 1990s yellow-on-blue Powerpoint style – you know the one! – almost impossible to look at!). But not so that I actually struggle to read it, if you see what I mean?

    I completely agree with you on the bottom font (and personally detest all-caps!).

    The scissors are great but so are both buttons and the needle & thread, so it’s’ take yer pick’ territory I think!

    Erm, hope some of this is vaguely coherent??

  6. I love the buttons BUT I think the scissors suit your site better – you don’t just talk about mending as being sewing, which the other icons suggest. I like the first font and black on yellow as it’s very clear and easy to read. Also, I wouldn’t hyphenate mendable. It made sense to me when you explained it, but you can’t be doing that all the time. However, hands up; I am a pedant (even though my typing sucks)! But mostly I’d say, go with your own gut instinct! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I really love the buttons. the lonely one as well as the four together. Especially the letters are somehow welcoming. Good luck deciding what to do, Always diificult as you will use it for a longer time.

  8. Last font too for same reasons single button please! Somehow has a cheerful look about it!( Not too sure how a button can look cheerful )?!

  9. I like the last font beset and think black is better than blue as it stands out more. Personally, I’d go for the scissors or thread. Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi Jen,

    I personally like the bottom fon(like you) but like the scissors graphic. I think it conveys, to me, perhaps something a little less “sewing” based than needle & thread…and maybe that Make Do and Mendable is not just about sewing(which it isn’t after all).

    That’s my tuppence worth.


  11. My OH is a graphic designer and I asked him what he thought. It was quite a long conversation ๐Ÿ™‚ so I’ll summarise;

    – Best logo from an overall design pov (in his very humble opinion!) is second from last – 4 buttons with cursive font
    – Fills the space nicely – the other icons look a bit like they are floating in space
    – Cursive font is easy to read and looks handwritten, which ties in with hand/homemade and doing things for yourself
    – Having the 4 buttons gives you a colour palette to use for other things in the future
    – He also made one tiny suggestion. Is it possible to have the box around the yellow done in a drawn-by-hand style to match the style of the buttons?

    Although the buttons do relate to sewing, I think learning to sew a button back on a piece of clothing is one of the most basic things to learn when making do and mending, but a lot of people don’t know how to do it (hence all the great things you can buy at charity shops just because there is a button missing).

    Good luck!

  12. I think the first font black on yellow is clearer especially for those with poor sight, I love all the logos but my favourite is the 4 buttons. You could use all the logos at different times but a screwdriver would be good for non sewing mends, eg. rewiring plugs etc.

  13. I like the cursive font – I found it easiest to read – and either the four buttons best. I think it is colourful and eyecatching but the drawn buttons hint that they are not absolutely perfect and that it is ok not to be perfect. And I like that because I try hard at mending but it is usually serviceable rather than perfect…. if you understand what I mean : )

  14. I like the needle and thread as well, but I prefer the green background and font. The color of the yellow feels very harsh to me. It is too bright I think. The green is very welcoming.

  15. I really like the thread one it looks vintage , I think you should go for which one catches your attention more, either way which ever one you chose I am very much looking forward to seeing it all finished as I love reading your blogs x

  16. Just to muddy the water!! FWIW – I like the Font on the green background best, like the yellow background and needle and thread icon, not sure of colours of font , maybe black on yellow is harsh? But whatever you decide it all looks good!! Go with your ‘gut’ feeling – all the best Angela xx

  17. Just an observation but your make do and mendable is very needlecraft orientated. What about something that reflects say woodworking – I spend my days repairing drawers, changing handles, replacing lost fixings most of which would have been thrown away had the very basic repairs not happened. I do spend my free time sewing though!

    • It’s really hard to find one image that encompasses everything about Make Do and Mend! Any suggestions for anything you think would work and be more inclusive would be fabulous ๐Ÿ™‚

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