The Big Lunch Resourceful Week #3

Hello Wednesday!
Today, for the Big Lunch Resourceful Week, it is all about Sharing and Sourcing for Free, and the lovely people at Project Dirt are joining in with their top tips on how to do this!

If you haven’t come across it already, Project Dirt is a social network, that bills itself as a “doing” network. It showcases, connects, and resources passionate people and their environmental and/or community projects.
Join in with the Twitter Q&A at 2pm (follow @theBigLunch, and @Start_UK, or search for #BLResourcefulWk) where Project Dirt dish the dirt on all things sharing!

Sharing and Gifting Economies are very much on the rise right now, and there are groups springing up all over the place. You may remember me blogging about the Buy Nothing Project a while back, and my excitement at setting up the first ever UK Buy Nothing Group, in little old Warminster. Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 21.20.01 And it is going from strength to strength. Buy Nothing Warminster currently has over 200 members (and it’s ony been going since February), and all kinds of wonderful gifting transactions have taken place. It has been really lovely to see a little community of Givers building up, and as well as ‘stuff’, people have also been able to ask for help. One new mum asked if someone was able to come and sit with her baby for an hour, so she could have a shower and do the hoovering, and got several offers of help. I love it. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

A similar concept to the Buy Nothing Groups, are Streetclub from B&Q, and  Streetbank (who have recently joined forces with Mark Boyle’s Freeconomy).
The idea behind these sites is to get neighbours sharing-their things, their skills and their time. Surely not every house on the street needs a lawnmower or a  strimmer, or a full DIY kit. If we were all willing and able to share with our neighbours, just think of the resources we could save.
You can sign up, and then either post the skills that you have that you would be willing to share, or things that you have that you would be willing to let people borrow; and you can ask for things to. The site searches for people close to you, and matches you up!

Giving and Sharing seem to be catching on, which is just fabulous.
During My Make Do and Mend Year, with the help of the fabulous Cat from Freegle, I compiled a list of Free sites and Sharing sites. The Sharing Economy is growing pretty quickly right now, so the list may be a little bit out of date-if you see anything that needs changing, or anything that needs adding in, give me a holler! Has anyone got any great sharing stories, ideas or tips they want to share (today is all about sharing, after all!)


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