The Definitive List of Sharing Sites..?

When I decided to try and compile a list of freecycling sites, I inevitably turned to the good people out there in social media land for their recommendations and ideas, and I was posted links to lots of sites.

But then, the lovely Cat from Freegle, posted me a link to a list they have created of sites that encourage the sharing of items, skills, and lots of other things, that really is WAYYYYY more comprehensive than anything I was attempting to put together, and she very kindly said that I could share it with you lot too!


So, here it is, the hopefully, just might possibly be, definitive list of lovely sharing sites in the UK….


  • Airbandb (rent overnight accommodation in people’s homes)

  • Bertie and Bean (children’s clothing exchange)

  • Ecomodo (lend and borrow each other’s everyday objects)

  • FabXchange (clothes swapping)

  • FREEGLE (Free giving locally easily:  359 UK online reuse groups)

  • Furniture Reuse Network (over 300 UK outlets and enterprises)

  • Globechain (Just like Warp It. Commercial reuse for organsations, businesses and charities)

  • Home Swapping (home exchange)

  • iSwap (Online swapping)

  • Justfortheloveofit (The freeconomy community to share skills and information)

  • Landshare (connecting up growers with land space)

  • Lenderise (Copy cat site of Ecomodo. Lending and borrowing. New in Oct 2012)

  • LETS (Local Exchange Trading System)

  • Netcycler (online swapping, selling)

  • Recyclebank UK (how, where and why recycling and rewards)

  • Recyclenow UK (official Uk how and where to recycle)

  • Rent My Items (rent out your stuff)

  • Shwopping (take back unwanted clothes when buying new clothes at M&S)

  • Start (sustainability inspiration for UK)

  • Store Mates (rent spare space in homes)

  • Streetbank (Connects up neighbourhoods to share goods and skills)

  • SwapShop

  • Swapz (Online swapping)

  • Swishing (posh clothes swapping)

  • Terracycle (recycling options in the extreme and reward system)

  • The Borrowers (lending and borrowing)

  • Warp It (commercial reuse site for organisations, business and charities)

  • LETS-Local Exchange Trading Systems or Schemes – are local community-based mutual aid networks in which people exchange all kinds of goods and services with one another, without the need for money. You can search to find a group near you

  • Community Exchange Network



  • Book Crossing (lend and borrow books)

  • Book Exchange (lend, swap, buy, sell books)

  • Book Lender (lend and borrow books)

  • Book Mooch (lend and borrow books)

  • Give a Book (to people who need them)

  • Read It Swap It (lend and borrow books with people)


  • Fava Bank (social bartering)

  • iVol (find local volunteering opportunities)

  • TaskRabbit (get your to-do list done in your neighbourhood USA soon to be in London)

  • Time Bank (unconventional volunteering)

  • The People Who Share (Online and random events, Big Society funded organisation-they talk about sharing)


  • Bla Bla Car (car and journey sharing)

  • Liftshare (car and journey sharing)

  • National Car Sharing (car and journey sharing)

  • Park at My House (rent out people’s driveways, car spaces)

  • Whip Car (rent cars from local people)

  • Zip Car (Bristol, Cambridge, London, Maidstone, Oxford Car Clubs)

  • The People Who Share (Online and random events, Big Society funded organisation-they talk about sharing)

Hope that is useful!

Let me know what is missing…!!

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18 thoughts on “The Definitive List of Sharing Sites..?

    • Appears to be just a very local US based site from what I can see online. Is it international? My blog is based in the UK, so is mainly UK sites

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