Not the World Wide We, but a Willow Weaved Wreath!

Willow wreath1

I think I have inadvertently started a tradition for making a wreath for our front door. Two years ago, hubby booked me onto a very pleasant afternoon’s wreath making course at a National Trust property, where I learned how to make a traditional wreath. Last year, I made one from baubles, and this year, I visited Langford Lakes, one of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Reserves, to learn how to make my very own willow wreath!

Willow weaving is, I found, really quite theraputic (once you have got the first couple of sticks done and it has stopped boinging apart…) and under the tutelage of the lovely Amy, I came up with this little beauty

All made with natural materials, and the willow frame can be used again and again.

Whilst I was busy weaving, the boys were kept amused making tree decorations from plastic bottle bottoms, and sweet wrappers,

plastic bauble1

and seed studded paper (more on this to come!). And they went for a walk around the beautiful, tranquil (when no being marauded by two small boys) environs of the Lakes.
It was a fab, festive day out 🙂

13 thoughts on “WWW

    • See if you can find some instructions for what to do with the willow before attempting to weave it Vivienne-I think the stuff we used had been soaking in the lake for a week!

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