The wreath…

After the Great Make Do and Mend Egg Box Tree, topped with it’s peg star, and all our other handmade and upcycled decorations, we obviously needed a wreath for the front door to match.

We haven’t used the baubles on the tree this year, so….

wreath1I used them to make the wreath!

wreath21I had a frame left from last year’s wreath, and then used florists wire to hold them in place. If you don’t have a frame, then I have seen posts on Pinterest (where else?!) where they have bent an old wire coathanger into a circle, and then you can use the hook bit to hang it from-I like this idea a lot, and was tempted to give it a go despite having a frame to use..!

And this was BigSmall’s interpretation for his bedroom door…


He is especially proud of the Jaguar at the top!

7 thoughts on “The wreath…

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