Emergency Cards…

With all the new babies recently, I have used up my stash of cards I made ages ago without realising it, and so needed an emergency card the other day, when I was due out of the door in 5 minutes, to meet one of the lovely new little people.

I have a stash of plain recycled cards, so I went for a root around in the wrapping paper box, and found this

Cards1rescued from a present that someone gave to SmallSmall for his birthday.

So I made this, for Charlie

Cards3to go with his Big C


and then later on, in less of a rush, I made this


Apologies for the rubbishness of the photo

for Isobel, to go with her Button I (which I still have yet to post-bad gift giver)


And there is still lots of the wrapping paper left to make some more.
Which is good news, as two more babies have made an appearance since then… (It must be true about the post-Olympic Baby Boom!)

5 thoughts on “Emergency Cards…

  1. Some very careful cutting there! Especially round the stars which don’t look that big. I’ve got another idea for you for birthday cards, why not let the smalls paint or draw something on paper, any messy bits could be chopped I’m sure Grannies and Aunties would really like these!

    • Do this regularly for grandparents and some of BigSmall’s fellow pre-schoolers, but thought something slightly more ‘sophisticated’ might be in order!

  2. Great homemade cards. I have done this previously but I have a huge number of birthdays in August. I luckily found a sale of good cards for 25p-50p each and stocked up on those!

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