Everyday Radicals

You may remember me posting a little while back about being invited to do a TED talk at TEDxBedford.

The theme was Everyday Radicals.

It was a fabulous day. Full of wonderful, inspiring people, giving impassioned talks on all kinds of things, from Place Shaking, to Playing Out, the Raspberry Pi, and Pants, right through to World Peace.

And now, you can see all of the talks too, as they are all online.
Including mine-eeeeek!

Here it is:

As you can probably tell, I was hugely nervous, and this was my first ever experience of any kind of public speaking. But I hope I managed to get the message across that we ALL need to take responsibility, and take action, and that Make Do and Mend needs to become a bit more everyday, and a bit less radical.

You can watch all of the talks here, and I would highly recommend that you do!

15 thoughts on “Everyday Radicals

    • I thought Bedford was great. There seems to be lots going on there, Kayte and Chip are really making things happen. And it is so lovely by the river-not pants at all!

      • I think it’s like most towns. We’ve had a lot of bad press and the recession hit us hard. Our high street is half empty. But it’s nice to have people dedicated to try and put it back on the map!!!

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