NEW pants!

I have bought NEW pants.
Not just new to me, but brand spanking NEW NEW pants!

Fear not, I have not gone on some crazed raid of Primark, I have done my research and bought the best possible ethical pants from the wonderful team at Who Made Your Pants.
They use material sold off by the lingerie trade at the end of the season, and then employ local women at their factory in Southampton, women who have had a hard time.
And all their profits go back into the business.
They believe that pants can change the world.

I met Becky, the founder of Who Made Your Pants, when we both spoke at TEDxBedford, and her tale is an inspirational one-her talk is here, and is well worth a listen.

But anyway, the pants.
I saw on Twitter that they were having a seconds sale, so had a sneaky peak, and found myself buying 4 pairs for the knockdown price of £20.
And do you know what, I can’t really see why they are seconds, they look pretty tip top to my uneducated eye.
These have to be the prettiest, girliest pants I have ever owned, but as promised on the website, they are really comfy, AND no VPL-hurray!


I have to confess that there was still some life left in my old pants, but when I tell you that some of them were still leftover from my pregnancy/post pregnancy BIG pants eras, then I hope you will understand why I felt the need for some new pretty pants.
I also remember reading somewhere that you should always wear pretty (it may have even said matching, I draw the line at finding matching pants and bra in the morning, finding CLEAN pants and bra is sometimes challenge enough..) underwear, it is supposed to give you some kind of pyschological edge-I will report back…

All I can say, for now, is that I have bought new, but I have bought mindfully and ethically, and I am chuffed to bits with my pants.
AND I know who made them.

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