A very visible mend…!

We had a small accident the other day (not the bike crash, another one..) involving SmallSmall and a fish shaped salt pig thing that we keep all sorts of random keys and bits in. He has a fascination with keys and all the sorts of small things that Small children should never be allowed to play with for fear of choking-like coins and marbles…So I can only assume he was trying to get this down, and it fell on the floor (hubby was in charge at the time…!).

It ended up in several pieces

sugru fish1And hubby did what most sensible people would do, and swept it up and put it in the bin…

When I got home, and the news was broken to me, I did what every sensible Make Do and Mender would, and wailed and stamped my feet demanding that we should at least attempt to try and fix it…

Poor hubby trailed off out to the bin, and managed to extract all the pieces, and went to fetch his extensive range of glues….

sugru fish2And it was at this point that we decided that maybe we should make it a Visible Mend….

sugru fish3So we employed a little Sugru!

sugru fish4

sugru fish5

sugru fish6I think it looks rather funky. You could tell it had been mended when it was all glued back together, so why not stand up and be proud and make a feature of the fixing?! And the Sugru will make it stronger as well.

Now, I just need to find somewhere nice and high to put it….

20 thoughts on “A very visible mend…!

  1. I totally agree, if you can’t make it invisible make it obvious. The sugru snail trails look fantastic but you will never get it high enough to be out of reach of a toddler. How about have some pink ready for next time? Keep up the good work!

    • Thankyou! Not sure what other colours we have hidingin the fridge. Pink doesn’t get to feature too highly in our house..!

  2. I really like it! We’ve taken to repairing a lot of things this year with gaffa tape – always an obvious fix. I can’t say it’s bothering me too much. (Would depend on the item though.)

  3. I love this! It’s like a really funky piece of modern art. I think it looks better than the original! Been following your blog for a while – I think what you’re doing is amazing. xx

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  8. hello, i have just discovered your blog, am spending the afternoon reading it, following terrible night with my boy having D&V !! he is now asleep, i am curled up on the sofa, cuppa and laptop to myself.
    your are an inspiration 🙂

    • Thankyou so much, you are very kind. Tell all your friends and spread the word! Hope your boy is doing better now and you don’t get it…!

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