Warminster’s Repair Cafe

Saturday saw the very first ever Repair Cafe at the Civic Centre in little old Warminster! Actually it was a first for the whole of Wiltshire 🙂


We had a team of expert volunteer fixers lined up:

  • Verity Scott from Lace is More (and my co-cospirator for Make It Better!) was on hand to give advice on mending and alterations of any textiles and clothes
  • Richard Hudson from Simple PC Help came along armed with various wizardry for fixing computers and laptops
  • We had a great team from the Warminster Wobble, who were fixing bikes as well as giving them a quick once over and service
  • Chris and Ken from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Volunteers Team were hard at work fixing broken electrical items
  • My lovely hubby was our general handyman, armed with all manner of glues!

Emma and I had done a spot of baking so that the Cafe part of Repair Cafe was all taken care of, and we opened the doors for business!

Repair Cafe June4

Everyone was kept busy with good range of repairs, including:

  • 2 bikes serviced and back on the road
Colin and Gordon from the fabulous Warminster Wobble

Colin and Gordon from the fabulous Warminster Wobble

  • 1 slow laptop speeded up and de-bugged
Richard Hudson from SimplePCHelp

Richard Hudson from SimplePCHelp

  • 1 picture frame glued back together
The Lovely Hubby!

The Lovely Hubby!

  • 1 duvet cover repaired
  • 1 long sleeved shirt made into a short sleeved one after it was caught in altercation with a hedge trimmer..!
Repair Cafe June7

Verity Scott from Lace is More helping to give a shirt a new life!

  • 1 kettle lid with it’s knob glued back on
  • 1 lamp fixed and back working
...one of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Waste Prevention volunteers

Ken, one of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Waste Prevention volunteers

We also had some sample packs of the wonderstuff that is Sugru to give away and talk to people about. Hubby and I took along a selection of things we have fixed with Sugru, to give people some idea of what it can do. We had some wooden railway with a new sugru ‘knobble’ on one end, hubby’s coat that he had made a new zip pull for, our very visibly mended fish salt pig thing, and our leaky jug that leaks no more!

In total we had 14 items ‘presented for repair’ and althoug there were a few items that were beyond the repair skills of even our talented bunch, these could be recycled at the local recycling centre, so at least they were saved from landfill.

We had lots of really positive comments, and reporters came from the Warminster Journal, the Wiltshire Times, and Warminster Community Radio.
I think once the idea catches on then we should have people queuing out of the door!

Thankyou so much to Emma Croft, Waste Minimisation Officer at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, for all her hard work. And a HUGE thankyou to all our brilliant volunteer fixers 🙂

We are looking to set a date for our next one at some point in September.
In order for the venture to be sustainable, we do probably need to find a cheaper/free venue (elsewhere, Repair Cafes are often held in real live cafes or pubs)-if anyone with’local knowledge’ has any ideas, or indeed if you want to volunteer your services and skills as one of our fixers, please do get in touch.

17 thoughts on “Warminster’s Repair Cafe

  1. That is such a brilliant idea. I am thinking of all the elderly people shut away in their homes with no company who would have so many repair skills that could be used. That could be a win for everyone.

    • Hubby suggested putting some flyers up in the sheltered accommodation in town-as you say they must have lots of skills to share as well as wanting things fixed and maybe not having the materials or tools to do so!

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