How about whipping up some of these for Mother’s Day..?

Since my recent packaging discovery/genius idea that I could use old Jam Jars to package up sweet treats for presents, this has become my receptacle for gifts…!

This is the latest:


It is a Jam Jar (obviously) filled with homemade “marbled minty chocolate things” (I may need to work on the name…) AND I crocheted a jam jar cover to make it look pretty, and disguise the fact that it is indeed an old jam jar-has it worked..? (If someone had told me a year ago, I would be crocheting jam jar covers, I would have laughed in their face. Loudly.)

I actually made this for a friend’s birthday, but it occurred to me that it would make a lovely gift for a lovely mum on Mother’s Day too!

As I know you will all be desperate to replicate this gift for your own loved ones, here is the how to…

For the chocolate minty things, I adapted a recipe for this book “Sweet”

Women's Weekly sweet-I LOVE the Women's Weekly books-they are fantabulous!

Women’s Weekly sweet-I LOVE the Women’s Weekly books-they are fantabulous!

You need:

  • 75g white chocolate
  • 125g dark chocolate (the amounts of chocolate do not need to be specific-this is what was left in cupboard..)
  • peppermint essence
  • baking tray (I used a brownie tin) and some greaseproof paper
  • a skewer
  • pastry cutter of some sort

Melt the white chocolate and the dark chocolate in two separate bowls. I do it in the microwave-full power for a minute, then stir, then 30s blasts stirring in between

Stir 1/2-1 tsp of peppermint essence into the melted dark chocolate, depending on how minty you want it

Line your baking tray with the greaseproof, and then dollop alternate spoonfuls of the different chocolates onto the paper

I used a tablespoon and did quite large dollops but I think the marbling would be better if you had smaller dollops (does that make any sense..?!)

I used a tablespoon and did quite large dollops but I think the marbling would be better if you had smaller dollops (does that make any sense..?!)

Then drag your skewer backwards and forwards through the melted chocolate, to create this delightful marbled effect


Leave to set at room temperature. I found that the dark chocolate set quicker than the white. Make sure it is all set before attempting to cut out your shapes!

Use a pastry cutter-I used my smallest size fluted round cutter-to cut out shapes, and you are done!

Barley5Package them up as you wish! I would obviously totally recommend a clean used jam jar! One word of warning though, do a ‘sniff test’ first-lots of ours have had homemade chutney in and still a hint of vinegar to them despite a run through the dishwasher…

I am very chuffed with my crocheted jam jar cover, especially as I did it WITHOUT A PATTERN!!! I made it up!

Stay tuned for the next thrilling post, where I will endeavour to remember what I did, and write my very first crochet pattern-oh, the excitement..!

6 thoughts on “How about whipping up some of these for Mother’s Day..?

  1. Thanks for this lovely idea, and I’ll look forward to attempting a crocheted jam jar cover once you create the pattern.
    On another note I find your whole your site very refreshing and admire you and your family for what you are trying to achieve.
    x 🙂 x

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