Disaster averted!!!

BigSmall’s far better than our’s social life continues apace, and this weekend saw another birthday party.

Which meant another present.

This time for a 5 year old boy.

But I wasn’t panicking.

I had done my research, and had a cunning plan…

Monster Sick Bubble Bath!!!

I saw this on Pinterest, from Art, Food and Motherhood, and thought that most small boys, whilst not necessarily that keen on bathing itself, would love the idea of monster sick bubble bath.

The orignal ‘recipe’ is as follows:

1 cup of Olive oil
1/2 cup of Liquid soap (dish washing soap)
1/4 cup of Honey
1/2 tsp of Green food coloring
1 tbs of Peppermint fragrance or extract

You then mix it all together and put it into a jar.

Now, call me precious, but I wasn’t that keen on the thought of small children bathing in washing up liquid. I just thought it might be a bit drying or something. But I did have some liquid soap that I bought a while back as part of my grand plan to start making some of my own toiletries, so I thought I would use this instead.

So I did.

And it smelt awful. Well, like slightly minty olive oil.

Undeterred, I poured it into an empty plastic peanut butter jar.

Monster sick21

There was a bit left over, so I told an excited BigSmall that he could test it out in his bath.

It was awful. It didn’t foam. At all.

It just made the water green and a bit greasy.

And then left the Smalls, all their bath toys and the bath itself with a slightly slippery sheen…

Not sure it shows up that well, but there was nice 'olive oil tidemark' around the bath. Which I had only just cleaned....

Not sure it shows up that well, but there was nice ‘olive oil tidemark’ around the bath. Which I had only just cleaned….

Arrrgghhh!! It was Friday evening. And the party was on Saturday. (I like to live life on the edge…)

What to do?

Consult the wonderful people of twitter and facebook land of course!!

Loads of wonderful suggestions came in. Including one that I really should have thought of myself-to google ‘homemade bubble bath’. A lovely lady called Katie posted me a link to this page on The Savvy Source.

So I decided that I had very little to lose, and to try again!

This is what you need:

  • 1/2 a cup of clear or light-coloured shampoo
  • 3/4 cup of water
  • 1/4 tsp table salt
  • food colouring

And this is what you do:

  • Mix together the shampoo and the water in a bowl
  • Add the salt and stir again. The recipe says it should thicken, but mine was already fairly thick, and I can’t really say I noticed a difference after adding the salt
  • Use a tooth pick or similar to add tiny bits of food colouring until it is the colour you want. I used green, and we have the pastes at home, so only needed to add a teeny tiny bit
  • Stir to mix and then decant into a suitable jar. I had cleaned out the foul smelling mark 1 attempt, and used the same plastic peanut butter jar. Rather frustratingly, there was only enough to fill it about 2/3 of the way, and I had cleaned us out of baby shampoo so couldn’t make anymore. Oh well!

Monster sick41

This smelled MUCH more pleasant, and although it hasn’t been tested, it ‘bubbled’ well in the bowl when I washed it up!

So disaster averted!

And on to phase 2 of the present…

A monster bath mitt!

I managed to purloin an old bath towel from my mother in law

Monster sick51

And cut 2 rectangles of roughly small person hand size (I used a glove as a gauge as BigSmall was in bed!).

Not entirely sure why the glove is so hairy...

Not entirely sure why the glove is so hairy…

If you feeling especially lazy cunning, cut your rectangle with the already finished edge of the towel at the bottom to save you hemming it. Genius!

On one rectangle, I sewed a circle cut from an old sheet, and then a smaller black (actually it was navy, as I couldn’t find any black) circle cut from some felt. It is supposed to look like a giant eye….

Monster sick71

Then I simply pinned and sewed the two pieces right sides together, turned right way around, and done!

I found a cool free font called “Little monsters” by searching for “monster” on fontspace, and then made a quick label for the bubble bath

Monster sick1

Yay! Disaster averted. Hope he likes it….

PS. Just in case you too are struggling for birthday present ideas for Small boys, here are the fab ideas that were suggested by the lovely people on the tinter web:

  • homemade playdough
  • crayons melted down into silicon ice cube trays to make cool shapes, and some colouring sheets
  • cardboard box robot costume
  • salt dough name plaque
  • fort kit
  • colouring tote simliar to this one I made here for a little girl, but ‘boyed up’ and with spaces for cars instead of crayons
  • kite
  • treasure map of a local park
  • homemade slime/sludge
  • bath crayons
  • snail racing kit-a flat surface with lanes painted on it, a finishing post, and a marker pen for numbering the snails!
  • russian doll of cardboard boxes decorated to look like an engine and it’s carriages.

What FAB ideas! There are several there that I really really want to make for the Smalls!!

12 thoughts on “Disaster averted!!!

  1. Hey! Love your present, excellent initiative and very frugal! I’m a soap-maker and just thought I’d say that I use natural ingredients to colour my soaps. For instance spirulina is great for a monster green colour. Hope that’s helpful for future use 🙂

  2. Perhaps cotton reel tanks although you don’t have to call them tanks if you don’t want too.You call also provide those in a part made kit form.

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  4. Jen, the 5 year old recipient will now not use anything else in the bath and is even asking to have a bath. Result. Thank you

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