A final hurrah (kind of)

I have been resisting manfully, but it was always going to happen. At the weekend, I went out for what will probably be my final ‘new shop’ for a whole year. And boy, did I go crazy…

This is what I bought:


  • A newspaper of the lovely hubby. He only buys a paper about once every 2 weeks, and it takes him the best part of the 2 weeks to read it (by which time it is not really a ‘news’paper anymore, but this doesn’t seem to bother him), but giving this up has been the biggest bone of contention between us about the Make Do and Mend Year (so far!). He does seem to have finally reconciled himself to this, especially when he found out that the parent;s of some friends get the ‘i’ everyday, so he may well be able to get a secondhand copy (as we have already seen, it doesn’t seem to matter if the news is a little out of date!)
  • Two, yes TWO magazines for me. As I have already confessed, I think that giving up magazines will be one of the hardest things for me. They really are one of my guilty pleasures. I just love the thought of sitting down in a trendy coffee shop somewhere and casually leafing through, and then going home to make replicas of all the gorgeous things….In reality, I agonise over the expense, buy it, feel guilty about it, get a snatched 5 minutes at some point to give it briefest of flicks through before called away to wipe a bottom or referee over a toy car based dispute (it really is non-stop glamour here), and then forget about it, leaving it hanging around somewhere until the lovely hubby ‘files it away’ in the recycling bin. Actually, now I put it like that, what am I worried about-it will be a breeze!
  • Three Olympics Lego Mini-figures. The lovely hubby and BigSmall LOVE these. Not just the Olympic ones, but any of them. I feel really mean that they will be deprived of these for a whole year. But I’m sure they will crop up on E-bay. Unfortunately they will probably be twice the (already really quite pricey) price, as the one’s that end up on E-bay are probably really rare or something equally geeky.

Not really very crazy at all, in fact, I’m almost a little disappointed in myself. Is this really all I can manage?

What would be your ‘last shop’?

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