The fix-it box

In preperation for the start of My Make Do and Mend Year, we have instigated a ‘Fix-it’ box! It is something I have been meaning to do for ages, and must have mentioned it the lovely hubby, because at the weekend, he and BigSmall very proudly produced this:

It is essentially just a cardboard box that has been covered in the paper that was wrapped around some flowers that some friends gave us when they came round for tea! BigSmall then wrecked went through some of my old magazines to find the letters to spell out “The Gale Family Fix-it Box” and cut them out all on his own (proud mummy!) for the lovely hubby to stick on.

It also has an important modification inside:

Can you see the seperate compartment on the right hand side?  I am informed that this is to leave a note about projects that are too big to fit in the box. At the moment there is a piece of paper in there reminding me to fix the hole in the pocket of a pair of the lovely hubbys’ trousers…

As you can also see, it is already in full use, currently housing a very noisy JCB which needs new batteries (this will be waiting a while if the big people in our house have any say in the matter…)

So now, instead of all the broken things, and toys that have run out of batteries just randomly being placed on window-sills or mantlepieces or work-tops in the hope that the ‘fix-it fairy’ will come and magic them all better, at least they now have somewhere to live while they are waiting. Now, does anyone have an e-mail address for the ‘fix-it fairy’…?

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