#makedoandmendhour 16th October

Another super busy #makedoandmendhour this week, and with a record number of pictures too!

Pics we shared:



1.Recycled cashmere makes from @LoveTurtleDoves
2.@Maker_of_Things “Making Do” with two pairs of glasses at the same time as his vari-focals are broken!
3.@MarkWoodJoinery-bespoke wooden furniture from local and reclaimed wood
4.@PracticalLou is busy decorating..!
5.@raebyrae has set herself an upcycling challenge-an item a day-eeek!
6.Scrap Journal from @mommyemu
7.Lucky old @Tea4Lisa spent a lovely afternoon learning how to make these fab bath bombs!
8.There is no end to @SueArcher6’s talents-here is a beautiful painting she has done to relive a charity shop find
9.This great blanket has been made using odd scraps of wool, by @novakdesigns
10. Another blanket from scraps-this time from @mommyemu
11.@SueArcher6 doing a recycled paper craft demo
12.Setting broken saw teeth-@Maker_of_Things.I had to confess to not knowing what he meant. And I’m still not sure I do..! Suffice to say, he has fixed it 🙂
13.@SueArcher6 in action doing a spot of painting!
14.Ratvark in his new overalls! Courtesy of @SueArcher6
15.How amazing is this cardboard box fire engine from @Pasta_Patchwork. It even has wheels! I daren’t let my kids see this…
16.Vegan chocolate courgette cake from @lovesusiestars
17.Crochet meets patchwork! Great blanket from @Pasta_Patchwork
18.Free fabric given to @vickymcreations! She’s planning to use it to make a nappy bag as a gift from a free pattern-awesome gifting 🙂
19.Infinity scarf from old jumper, from @mommyemu
20.Making Do with buckets, instead of a rainproof roof! @PracticalLou
21.This tissue holder was made from shirt! By @ShabbySheUK
22.Donated goodies! Lucky @IsWasCottage
23. and 24. Before and after pics of some decorated glasses from @DecadiaDesigns
25.New handles for loppers, from steel gas pipes! @Maker_of_Things
26.Mended moth eaten top, from @RaeHodgetts
27.Stamp covered mirror frame from @SueArcher6
28.@RaeHodgetts made this at a WI workshop-looks great!
29.@PracticalLou has been turning collars!
30.Boxes, bags and bows, all made from old maps, by the very clever @SueArcher6
31.Window boxes from old pallets, from @Maker_of_Things
32.Patchwork Roman blind, to keep the draughts out! @mommyemu
33.Planters from pallet wood, that sit on top of the rainstore!
34.@SweetMyrtle has been repairing her pillow covers

Phew! 34 pictures-a record!

Links we shared:

  • @Stitcheuse was looking for ideas for tarting up an old lampshade-using coloured bubbles to ‘pop’ colour onto the fabric (like this) was one of the suggestions!
  • Here’s the recipe for the delicious looking chocolate courgette cake from @lovesusiestars
  • DIY poncho from a blanket tutorial-shared by @GreenRedeem
  • This is the free nappy bag tutorial that @vickymecreations is going to use
  • Lots more ideas for @Stitcheuse for upcycling lampshades here
  • This is @mommyemu’s how-to to make your very own infinity scarf from an old jumper
  • A post on fixing moth holes in woollies-it’s getting cold!

So that’s your round-up for this week!
Would love you all to join us this Thursday, for another rip-roaring #makedoandmendhour 🙂

#makedoandmendhour poster

And if once a week isn’t enough, do come and join our Make Do and Mend-able community Facebook group, where it’s like #makedoandmendhour every day!


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