Six Items-Challenged

Hurray and hurrah!
My Six Item Challenge is over 🙂

And I can finally stop wearing this


Or on the odd occasion this

Six Item Day6

The trickiest point was probably last weekend, when we went away for 2 days.
I had to wear a damp top on the way, to ensure that I had a clean top to wear the next day. Which was nice.
And I am not sure that my jeans will live on

Jeans rip1

But other than that, apart from being reasonably tedious, and having a few issues with my black top not drying very well overnight, it’s been ok.
I think it is safe to say I am not a clothes horse. And maybe it would have been a bit more difficult if I took a bit more prove in my appearance 😉

I did however spend a very nice few minutes this morning, pondering, for the first time in 40 days, exactly what to wear!
(This is what I chose in case you were wondering)
Six items-after1

A HUGE thankyou to those of you who have sponsored me. The money raised goes to support the work of Labour Behind the Label who campaign to “improve conditions and empower workers in the global garment industry”. And just in case anyone has a spare penny or two they might like to add to the pot, for one last time, my sponsorship page is here.

*skips off happily wearing new clothes that aren’t new, but feel new as they haven’t been worn for so long!*


4 thoughts on “Six Items-Challenged

  1. Good to hear you managed it and didn’t get pneumonia from damp clothes! Even better that other clothes now feel like new. Glad you raised a bit for LBL. I guess if we all gave through all the blogs we’d be pretty short but this is such a good cause and deserves more publicity and support. Well done.

  2. Congratulations Jen, not sure I would have been as successful as you with just 6 items of clothing! It’s such a good cause, well done for persevering! Sue x

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