Make Do and Mend Monthly Magazine Blog Post Thing-April

I’m back in the land of Make Do and Mend, after a little sojourn to the land of Energy Saving while the Great Energy Race was on.
I know I missed March’s Magazine Blog Post Thing-for all those of you who were waiting for it with bated breath, and I apologise 🙂


So here wo go then. April. And with the late Easter this year, it is kind of inevitable that this month’s mag might just feature a little smidge of all things Easter-bunnies, eggs, and of course…chocolate!

Go forth and be happy!

From the wonderfully talented The Bright Side

From the wonderfully talented The Bright Side


Cute Crafts to do with the Kiddy-winks

  • Obviously you are all thrifty types who would never let a good potato go bad, but if you’ve taken your eye off the ball (or potato) and they have gone a bit renegade on you, then this is a very sweet way to make sure they don’t go to waste

    Potato stamped Easter Eggs! From Sassy Deals

    Potato stamped Easter Eggs! From Sassy Deals

  • And if you feel the need to get even more covered in paint, these fingerprint carrots and bunnies are worth a go too

    Again, these are from Sassy Deals

    Again, these are from Sassy Deals

Foody Crafts for Easter

  • How cute are these Easter bunny bread rolls?!
    I couldn’t find any actual instructions, but I think the picture of the scissors snipping the ears is probably explanation enough. I know that the ingenious Hattie at Free Our Kids did these last year for her spend free Easter last year, so you can also check them out here

    Easter bunny rolls

    From WooHome

  • You can obviously never have enough rabbit shaped food, so check out this great idea for rabbity Chelsea Buns!
    Again, the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. It looks like they used  ‘some kind of packet’ (shocked gasps), but I think you might find a pretty decent Chelsea bun recipe right here

Grown Up Easter Crafts
I’m not that big into Easter. Is it just me? Or is the rest of the world skipping around decorating their homes with Easter related garlands and ingenious Spring flower wreaths. They are if you dare to look on Pinterest… Just in case you are feeling the need for a little light embellishment of your Easter table, here are some slightly more sophisticated makes

  • Martha Stewart strikes again with these egg shell ‘votives’. I’m not sure I could be bothered to dye them, and the instructions are a little sparse, but a lovely idea!

    From Martha Stewart, who else..?!

    From Martha Stewart, who else..?!

  • The simplest things are often the best, and these are such a lovely idea! I was thinking of experimenting with a loo roll (might even go crazy and wrap some pretty paper round it) to see if it was the right size to balance them in

An Upcycled Easter

  • If you have some old scraps of wool lying around, these make for a different take on traditional eggs

    Tutorial here from Craft by Photo

    Tutorial here from Craft by Photo

  • If you haven’t sent off all your old gloves to the Glove Love Project featured in February’s post, then how about making some little bunnies?!

  • If you have a broken umbrella, never fear! You can up cycle it into a gorgeous looking vase for all the flowers you will be given by your nearest and dearest this Easter!


    Image from Casa Florida-the site is in Spanish (I think!) but do have a look-there are lots of fabulous upcycling ideas for floral displays

We couldn’t do Easter without at least a fleeting mention of chocolate..! This project is something I am really keen to try, and here is a link to a tutorial from Martha Stewart, but judging from the comments at the bottom of the post, it might not be as simple as it looks. Has anyone tried this? With any success? And maybe more importantly, without faffing around with tempering… Please do let me know!

I couldn’t really find any Easter themed mending, (and I am not sure that anyone is ever going to need any…) but here is a great post from Desgin Mom, on 4 Secrets to a Well-Mended Wardrobe (actually, if you squint a bit, that elbow patch could almost be an Easter egg…)

Have a great April everyone 🙂

8 thoughts on “Make Do and Mend Monthly Magazine Blog Post Thing-April

  1. I love this post! I don’t really have time for crafty things, but I do like seeing what creative things others get up to! I love the ears on the bread rolls (and I do a lot of cooking, so maybe I can adapt this idea) and I love the eggshell candles! I totally agree with you about the dyeing bit sounding like a pain. I’d love to hear if you do make them and how you found the process. Do you think you could just use old eggshells? As they’re broken anyway it seems like an extra hassle making a hole and draining all the egg out. Love to hear your thoughts on this, you have far more craft-related experience than me!

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