Secondhand loo brushes….

We have never had loo brushes in our house.

I don’t think we had them when I was little either. I’m sure I remember my mum telling me once that they were unhygienic, and when I eventually got my own house, and stopped to think about it (not that I spend vast portions of my day pondering loo brushes..) I reached the same conclusion.

So we have been relying on the powers of bleach….

I know, I know, I’m sorry. It is probably the worst thing in the world ever from an environmental standpoint, BUT it does get rid of the many and various stains left on the loo bowl in a house with three males of the species. With very little scrubbing.
But I started to feel bad about it, so we have made the switch to Ecover loo cleaner, and as with all ‘kinder’ and ‘gentler’ products, it is indeed ‘kinder’ and ‘gentler’ but does also require a little bit of good old fashioned scrubbing on occasions.

Hence the need for loo brushes. And the debate about where to find one when you are Buying Nothing New…

As you may have gathered, I am not that enamoured with loo brushes in the first place, so the thought of trying to find a secondhand loo brush was not really filling me with excitement.

BUT  I think may have found a solution…

You may remember me mentioning yesterday that I had my first ever foray to a garage sale, and that I managed to bag some ‘new’ kitchen scrubbing brushes (the ones on handles) which I thought that at a push could be used as loo brushes. AND I have invented a very clever (I think so anyway) Make Do and Mend loo brush storage solution…


The tin can!

So, each loo will now have it’s own loo brush (well kitchen scrubbing brush/tin can combo) and the added bonus is that it is small enough to be kept up on a windowsill or on top of a cupboard, away from Small prying hands….


12 thoughts on “Secondhand loo brushes….

  1. I had saved some as my mother in law told tales of making some kind of chair from them when she was a child, so I happened to have them kicking around. Plus, I thought they would look better than a plain tin can-I did consider covering a plain tin can with something a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but then figured it would inevitable need washing out at intervals and that whatever it was covered with would get wet.

  2. I don’t really like loo brushes, but I’ve never found a good alternative.
    The one with the hair and gloves from the TV cleaning duo (sorry, completely forgotten their names- Kim and Aggie maybe?) said they were unhygienic, which I agree with, and to wear gloves and use a cloth, but I put off cleaning the loo even more when I had to faff around doing that, so I’ve gone back to loo brushes.

  3. The subject of loo brush or not will always drive u round the bend & leave u a bit flushed … sorry !
    Its a no brainer to me if you don’t want to use chemical toilet cleaners rubber gloves & a cloth ! Surely its less hygenic to put your hand with cloth down the loo than to use a brush which you can hold in the flush to clean then allow to dry in its own holder? A loo brush does the job with less chemicals harming our environment & quicker, cleaner results & no messy hands or cloth to deal with afterwards.

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