A couple of new purchases

After a couple of crappy days and an inadvertent fail (see here), I ventured forth with renewed vigour (?!) yesterday, and straight into the nearest charity shops (a girl has to find a bit of retail therapy somewhere, right?).

I went in looking for a winter coat for me, and some PJs for the Smalls.

This is what I came out with…

A pair of virtually unworn Caterpillar boots

A funky AA satchel

As you will all know (!) I had been on a Great Boot Pursuit, and found some not quite ideal one’s on E-bay. Well, these ones just go to show that all good things come to those who wait. Just I shame I couldn’t wait (I am one of the most impatient people I have ever met). So now I have 2 pairs of boots! Obviously the sensible thing to do would be to wait until the current boots wear out, and then bring these ones into circulation. Equally obviously I am not going to do this. They are sturdier than the current boots and being ankle height rather than knee height makes them vastly different, so I will be wearing them this winter (probably tomorrow!)

I had seen the satchel on a previous foray into the shop and had been eyeing it up. I just think it’s kind of retro and funky, and then when I saw the AA badge, I had to have it (lovely hubby is a car buff). Lovely hubby just came and asked me what it was for. Surely everyone knows that bags don’t have to have specific purpose…

So anyway, no coat, no PJs, but a second pair of boots and a bag for which I have no purpose-go me! (Kind of reiterates my previous post about charity shop shopping-at least I am consistent..)

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