Good job this is a practice month…

A small fail. As I said, it’s a good job this is just the practice month..!

Having been watching the awesome London 2012 Olympics and feeling so proud to be British and so aware that this is truly a once in a generation thing, I caved, and bought some 2012 merchandising for the Smalls. They both got a 2012 Union Jack pin badge and a London taxi cab each, to commemorate the Games.

But then….the lovely hubby announced this morning that that they have launched a site selling off all the official stuff from the 2012 Olympics, like the javelins, and the duvet covers from the athletes rooms, and the balls used in the games-what a great idea! If I’d just held my nerve for another 24hrs, I could have got the Smalls some real second-hand memorabilia. Mind you, I have just had a quick peek, and I’m not sure there’s anything on there at the moment in our price range…

Check out the site here

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