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It’s oh so quiet….

I’m still here! Apologies for the lack of posts. I have been working away like made on the book AND the new website, and am pleased to report that significant progress is being made on both…! Here’s an update: The Book-Make Do and Mend-able Back to Basics I originally, naively, embarked on this project as … Continue reading

Back to Basics Book update

Back to Basics Book update

The book! I bet you all thought I had forgotten about the book! If you are thinking, “what book?”, I am referring to my Make Do and Mend-able Back to Basics e-book! It’s a collaboration with other fabulous Make Do and Mend-ers, and aims to cover the basics of (at least some aspects of) Make … Continue reading

E-book update

I blogged at the beginning of June about the Screw Work Lets Play 30 Day Challenge that I had embarked on. The challenge I had set myself was to create a collaborative Make Do and Mend Back to Basics e-book. I thought I should give you all an update….. I asked you all for feedback on … Continue reading